Pena Castle

One of the most beautiful castles in Europe, Pena (as well as the other castles around Sintra) is a must-see attraction if you ever have the chance to visit Portugal. While the castle itself has beautiful decor, unique structure and gorgeous views from all windows, I loved the wild park filled with lakes, pavillions, flowers, resting areas and rocks even more. 

Also, do not miss the opportunity to snack on Sintra pastries, which are, as Ada would say, orgasmic.

Visiting in the middle of February, we felt as if we were transported to a place outside of our time and climate. Upon seeing this scenery, I was strongly reminded of the Lady of the Lake. 

This is a duck house (just as the medieval tower on the previous photos). We actually managed to find a secret passageway inside, but there were no ducks present (thankfully, also no duck poop).

Inside the duck house

Black swans.

White swans!

I wonder if the tree grew like this by itself, or somebody helped it a little.

This view is the reason why you should attempt to walk all the way up to the highest point of the castle grounds (please scroll down only so that you see the whole photo at once).

It also makes for a very dramatic background for your next FB profile picture.

The decorations of the castle are mind-blowingly intricate, 

Imagine waking up in the morning, walking out on the balcony and seeing this.

Actually, for spectacular views, you wouldn't even have to leave your bedroom.

A fashionable ghost.

Paintings so perfect they really do trick your eyes. Raise your hands whoever thought this was 3D.

Yours truly


  1. WOW!!! Ten je fakt jak z pohádky!!! Tam by se mi líbilo žít.
    Opatruj se v té daleké cizině :-).

  2. waow!! this castle is amazingly beautiful!!!! great photos!!!