Hike in Heels

Before leaving for Portugal, I stopped by the shop of the young designer running Divine Comedy brand to check what she designed for winter. I apparently have a thing for her flower prints, because my eyes were immediatelly drawn to one of the pieces displayed on the wall - an oversized crop sweatshirt with black and white stripes and a bold red flower pattern. It's her signature fabric, cut and style and at 38 000 KRW (35 000 after discount), it is very affordable.

Retrospectively, I don't feel that confident about the styling - my original plan was actually to wear different stockings, but it turned out I forgot them in Korea. Hopefully when the spring arrives, I'll be able to show the pairing I had in mind originally.

Skirt: Zara, Paris
Sweatshirt: Divine Comedy, Seoul
(Migliore, 1F, at the very back of the building in the area that is more or less opposite the entrance)
Shoes: Dinsko, Lund
Coat and bag: off brand, Seoul, second hand (Beautiful Store)

And a behind-the-scenes shot. I was lucky enough to be able to borrow ma parents' DSLR! BTW, to explain the title - it turned out that Pena castle grounds were large enough to take one whole day of swift walking and included a pretty steep path towards the highest point - the cross that I have a photo with above. So my 7 cm heels were really put to a very unexpected test.

Yours truly


  1. wow such a beautiful backdrop! :) the jumper is so cute too, it's feminine and chic and suits you very well! <3

    Metallic Paws

  2. ... a moc Ti to sluší! K.

  3. you look so amzing!!!! znd wow you are still travelling!!!!