Virtue of Neccessity

I didn't have time to wash my stockings (or my only pair of pants), hence I had to wear a long dress to cover up the fact I was wearing only socks. And having used oil treatment on my hair which somehow did not wash out properly, I was forced to opt for a hat to cover the disaster. And voila, it actually makes for a decent outfit.
The photos were taken by my amazing friend Yi, who has real talent (I mean, she managed to make me look like a human, right? Just kidding, she is a great photographer for real <3). 

Dress: H&M, second hand Textile House, Prague
Shirt: off brand, Belleville, Paris
Coat: off brand, second hand Beautiful Store, Seoul
Hat: off brand, Doota, Seoul
Backpack: off brand, Edae, Seoul
Shoes: Dinsko, Lund


"Yi, can you stand over there?"

Yours truly