Review: Daiso False Eyelashes and Eyelash/Eyelid Glue

I was struggling a lot when I was trying to find eye lash glue in Korea. All brands I visited only sold set of a teeny tiny glue and one pair of lashes, which was not what I was really going for - I couldn't find bigger sizes of glue being sold separately that I was used to see in Europe and Japan. In the end, I found one glue that was made in Korea and looked OK in Daiso and I grabbed two packs of eye lashes to go with it.

Glue 1000 KRW
Lashes 2000 - 3000 KRW

Glue Review
The glue is promoted as both eyelid and eyelash glue - I only tried it for eye lashes though. It is very very weak compared to the glues I was used to before, so it does not hold lashes on properly. The ends of them tend to de-glue. It might work for individual lashes where there is less resistance. It did not irritate my eyes or cause any kind of allergic reaction and it dried clear. It comes with a stick for holding lid/lashes in place.

The lashes are quite OK - they don't come in particularly natural styles, but they're still manageable. However, I think it's hard to use the whole thing as they are quite thick and don't mold very well according to the lid shape. It's better to cut them in halves or thirds. Especially when combined with a weak glue, they do not stay on properly at all.

They don't look too unnatural... 

But the ends de-glue a lot >.<

Yours truly


  1. Já jsem na lepení celých řas rezignovala, nikdy mi prostě nesedí a ať se snažím jak chci, vždycky to skončí opatlaným okem. Takže je prostě v půlce ustřihnu a používám je jen do vnějšího koutku, své řasy mám celkem slušné, takže mi to takhle vyhovuje.
    Škoda že nemáme Daiso i tady, zrovna nedávno jsem přemýšlela o nějakých nových blbostech do bento boxu nebo vůbec novém levném bentu či přepravních boxících na onigiri.

    1. Okamura má v Japa Shopu něco k bento boxům, ale asi ne zas tolik. :/
      Jo, dělám to úplně stejně. :)

  2. oh it looks great on new! i would be scared to apply glue near my eyes!!!!

    1. Haha, it's not that scary, it feels like eyeliner. :)

  3. You eed a better eyelash glue that doesn´t look like a good eyelash glue, the band of eyelashes are very tight so doesn´t is no good because not look pretty.


    1. Yeah, as I say in the review, I don't recommend this brand because it doesn't look nice. :)

  4. the falsies look great on you, but shame about the glueing! I'm also still struggling to find a good eye lash glue...

    Metallic Paws

    1. Yeah, it's a real pain to find a good glue here. :/

  5. False eye lashes look really great on you- they make your beautiful eyes pop that much more! Shame that the glue wasn't what you expected, I wish I could recommend some, but I have never tried falsies before- way too scared of the whole process! :D