I suppose you would never have imagined this is something I would have worn - but I fell in love with the chubby coat trend (asking my mum to sew me this cocoon-like coat for Christmas), and oversized tops are really big in Korea, so when I found the lovely houndstooth sweatshirt in Beautiful Store (Korean charity shop), this combination was born.
I took these photos in Edae - a great location for outfit picture taking, because it's filled with Chinese tourists taking zillions of photos, so it's easy to blend in. A group of Chinese girls actually copied my photos by the door. =D #selcatrendsetter


Pants: Marks and Spencer, Prague
Knit: T Bird, second hand (Beautiful Store), Seoul
Shoes: Dinsko, Lund
 Bag: off brand, Prague
Coat: handmade by my mum, pattern from Burda 11 or 12/2014

Yours truly


  1. Perfektní! *_* Vypadáš jako ze street snapů. :)

  2. vypadá to dost funky, ale sluší ti to moc! :)

  3. waou!! tu es magnifique!!!! j'adore ta tenue, et ton top très ample!!!!!
    tu es très belle!

  4. teda, máš pravdu že v tomhle bych si Tě v životě nepředstavila.. Hned jak jsem viděla první fotku, připadalo mi že se stalo něco zvláštního. :D Ale strašně Ti to sluší a ten "kabát" je super zajímavý!