Korean Cosmetics Mini Reviews: The Good Stuff

Tony Moly: Changing U Magic Foot Peeling Shoes
 Around 4000 Won/pair
As almost all other Korean brands, Tony Moly has their own version of peeling liquid-soaked one-time-use socks that act as a chemical peeling. It is quite simple - after washing, put these socks on for the suggested time length, then take off, wash your feet and wait until old skin starts peeling off.
My big issue with this product was that the liquid did not get absorbed/dried up within the recommended time, so I was torn between leaving the socks on longer, until the liquid is absorbed copletely, and between removing them after the suggested time to make sure my tissue is not removed to the bone. In the end, to be safe, I took them off after the maximum time, wondering if it will work. It took more than a week for my skin to start peeling off, but then it went on for 10 days non-stop. It is a gradual process, with some areas peeling sooner than others. 
In general, it did make my feet smoother, but obviously, the skin did not just drop off - I needed to wash my feet with a rough sponge to make it detach completely. Also, the worst areas, while, significantly better, never got rid of the thick dead skin completely. But overall, I think it worked reasonably well.

Skinfood: Aloe Multi Soothing Gel
6000 Won

Last summer, every single brand had their own version of aloe gel and I think the brand doesn't matter, since the only difference was packaging, while the gel composition was pretty much the same. However, I think this kind of product is really useful.
I've successfully used it to treat mosquito bites, sun burn, even smaller wounds (it is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory after all). I also layered it at night with my skin care to soothe my skin after spending a lot of time in the sun.  

Tony Moly: Cleansing Tissue
4000 Won without tax, 5000 Won including tax (70 pieces)

These tissues have three big positives:
1) They do not dry up quickly (thanks to double closure) and therefore last for a long time.
2) They remove even eye make-up pretty well.
3) Half a tissue is plenty enough for the whole face (one side for eyes, another for face), so basically they last for 140 uses.
I think this is a great product for people who have multi-step cleansing routine and still proceed to wash their face with liquid/gel make-up remover afterwards, because there is a bit of residue still left on the face. I used to prefer liquid remover poured on tissues, but in the end, the amount of used product and packaging waste is about the same (in theory, tissues have at least a more compact shape so they could have more efficient transport) and tissues are really convenient, so I switched to them. 

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