Bongeunsa Temple and Seonjeongneung Royal Tombs

Just a few steps from the ultra-modern, always busy COEX mall and complex, there is Bongeunsa buddhist temple. Though it somehow lacks the charm of smaller temples hidden among modern buildings in residential areas, it is still a beautiful place worth visiting if you plan to go to Gangnam. Actually, a walk from COEX to Bongeunsa to Royal Tombs to Teheran-ro and Gangnam station is quite a nice one-day trip. 
The temple can be proud of its more than 1200 years long history and it has always been an important center of buddhism in Korea.  




Seonjeongneung is a much simpler monument with different kind of appeal. While it is a burial ground, the two tombs do not look particularly macabre and the only chilling reminders of the purpose of the park are the omnipresent, simple notices reminding visitors in all seriousness not to cross path with spirits, and the solemn silence which falls on the grounds whenever there is a gap between incoming tourists.

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  1. Wow this looks so interesting. I have never been anywhere like this, must have been a lot to learn about.

    1. It's amazing, even though I spend 90% of my time in the lab, I really try to see as much as I can on Sundays - there is so much to discover here.

  2. wow how impressive


  3. Nádhera.. co jsou ty spirit stairs a spirit road? Mají nějaký význam a po nich se nesmí chodit? :P