First Outfit from Korea

It took a lot of effort to be able to show you this outfit, as I encountered numerous problems:
1) I forgot my tripod. Shoot.
2) Bongeunsa temple was too crowded to take outfit pictures in peace, so I was hoping for the royal tomb to be a bit less popular. My guess was semi-correct.
3) In the area there were very few flat surfaces that could support my camera.
4) All of those surfaces were dusty, so it took great effort not to get sand on my camera.
5) My fingers were too cold to cover the viewfinder - thank god remote control works apparently even without this step.
6) It took ages for me to figure out how to do remote control without flash.
7) Meanwhile my fingers got even colder.
8) The background was really busy and I had no strength to try to set the background to be more blurry.
9) The cold wind...  >.<

So please excuse the flash on some photos and the extremely bad background - I will put more effort into finding better location next time, and I will study the remote control settings.

Turtleneck: off brand, Prague
Skirt: Marks and Spencer, Prague
Tights: Vera Wang, (TK Maxx) Dresden
Bag: , Seoul
Scarf: H&M, Prague
Necklace: ?, my mum's
Shoes: Dinsko, Lund
Coat: Liz Lisa, Tokio



Make up (main products): 
Nature Republic Color Change CC cream
DIY burgundy eyeliner
Lancome Rouge in Love 163M lipstick  
Catrice eyebrow powder


Yours truly


  1. thank you for visiting my blog!
    your outfit is so cute and you look gorgeous :)


  2. haha aw I feel you! sometimes you just wish someone else could be there with you to provide an extra hand- there's so many things for one person to control! I actually lost my remote today...so frustrating >_< at least you ended up being able to get some good pics out of it. the coat is the perfect shade of pale pink! :)

    Metallic Paws

    1. Thank you! Oh no, remote control is so convenient compared to self-timer! I hope you will be able to find it or get a replacement.

  3. Moc Ti to sluší, ten kabát je rozkošný:)

  4. I tjink you look amazing again! I love your outfit!!!!!
    and I love your new profile pic!

  5. Dear Vita, you look very elegant and beautiful! The coat is adorable!