Sunshine Blogger Award

Hi everyone, Sakuranko was so nice and nominated me for one the blogger awards (AKA blogger Q&A). Scroll down for the rules and questions for those I nominated. :)

11 Random Facts
11)  I’m currently pursuing my Erasmus Mundus MSc, which is an international master’s program. I study every single semester in a different country and in the end, I will get a triple degree (the last university is an internship host and does not count). It is a really cool European Union program not many people know about!

22)     My favorite ice cream flavors are matcha, mint&chocochip and strawberry&meringues.

3) Because I spend most of the time in foreign countries, I often worry about keeping my old friends from Czech Republic. I’m always very moved when they adjust their schedules to be able to meet me when I get to go home and being able to see them is a very precious thing for me.
4) I haven’t used a blow dryer in 2 years. I’m positive that it is one of the main reasons why my hair has no split ends even though I haven’t cut it in a year.

 4)  I love pickles and sour food. I can finish one whole jar of pickled cucumbers or sour cabbage in one sitting. 

5)  I love k pop and listen to it most of the time, but I barely remember the names of the groups. I only know a couple of the idols’ names – only in case they played in a drama I watched.

7) I love watching reality shows about fashion and beauty – Korea’s Next Top Model is my favorite at the moment.

 8) I’m really scared of anything spooky, I don’t watch horror movies and I will sleep with the light on even if I just read some urban legend or a scary movie synopsis. I hate going to the cellar at night and always try to have my brother, father or Gerald pick me up at night. I avoid cemeteries and supposedly haunting places like plague.

9) I’m desperately non-photogenic. It takes forever to get a decent photo of myself to post. 
10) I haven’t read a normal book in years. I’ve only read scientific or specialized books recently. It makes me very sad.
11)   I love blogging. I used to keep a diary as a child and teenager, but keeping a public website is much more fun, since I’m sharing things with everybody who is interested. It also makes me write more about the fun and interesting things than about whiny moods.

Sakuranko’s Questions:
1.       What is your favorite lipstick of the year?
I can’t pick just 1! I love natural and fresh colours. My favorite ones are 2 by YSL which I received as a gift.

2.       Like nature?
I love visiting beautiful places and patches of greenery in cities. And like everybody, I like flowers and animals. But for normal life, I prefer bustling cities over countryside.

 3.       You can describe yourself in three words? 
Lively, curious, dependable

4.       Who is your biggest fear?
Haha, see no. 8 of my random facts!

5.       You feel comfortable showing your face on your blog?
Nooooooo. I’m very conscious about the way I look in photos. I’d rather not post a photo than post one where I look weird.

6.       Skirts or Pants?
Skirts! Bet you can tell from this blog. =D

7.       What is your favorite season?
Late spring, summer, autumn.

8.       What are your favorite makeup brands?
I don’t really have favourite brands per se, but I prefer Asian brands over Euro-American ones.

9.       Cats or Dogs?
Both, preferably. Otherwise I like cats a bit more.

10.   Study or work?
Both! I like that we have many projects simulating normal working environment in my program and I also hope that once I find a job, I will be able to continue learning new and exciting things.

11.   What was your favorite film of this year?
Hmmmm, I don’t really have any since I watch movies very rarely.


Here are the rules and 11 Qs for those I'm nominating:
1.  Post a picture of the Sunshine Award
2.  Post 11 random facts about yourself
3.  Answer 11 questions from the nominating blogger 4.  Link back to the blogger who nominated you 5.  Nominate 11 wonderful bloggers, that you feel bring sunshine to the blogging world. (Be sure to notify them) 6. Write 11 questions for your nominated blogger:
1)  What is your favourite kind of tea?
2) What do you most love about the country you were born in?
3) What is your favourite book?
4) How do you celebrate easter?
5) Do you like DIY?
6) Pen or pencil?
7) Why do you/don't you wear make-up?
8) Who is your biggest inspiration?
9) What do your perfect holidays look like?
10) Where would you like to travel?
11) What is your favourite dessert?

And here are those I want to nominate!


  1. Vito, super článek a fakty o Tobě jsou zajímavé, hlavně ta osmička.. A pak devítka, tomu nějak nevěřím že jsi nefotogenická. Mi si vždycky na fotkách přišla strašně hezká. :)
    A strašně moc děkuji za nominaci, mám z ní opravdu radost. :3 Snad se mi podaří se na to co nejdříve vrhnout. :)

  2. Hi sweetie thanks for reply my random question. Is very cute know more about you~


  3. I always love reading random facts about people- haha, I guess I am just really noisy! :D
    I am both a cat and dog person, but if I had to choose, I would pick dogs over cats! Though, I do find cats very amusing! :)
    It is great that i got to know you tiny bit better!


  4. Ahhhh, thank you so much for nominating me >///< Your facts are so interesting! My work colleague loves those YSL lipsticks and your degree sounds so interesting, especially studying in a different country each semester! Wow! I'll post my facts and answers soon! <3

  5. Waaaaah we have a lot of things in common c:
    Omg there's a 'Korean Next Top Model?' must
    watch *___* Xx

  6. Thanks so much for the nomination! Unfortunately I don't do blogger awards anymore (I have gotten about 10-12 nominations before, and I begin repeating fun facts/questions after a while. I've been thinking that maybe I should just fold it into a FAQ on a separate page). I love Asian brand makeup as well, but it's actually pretty hard for me to get my hands on some here. Do you like kimchi, since it's sour? Also, you totally cheated on the seasons question! :P Can't pick all of them!


    Another Beautiful Thing

  7. So nice to read some random facts about you! (: Oh and btw I love the new look on the blog (:

  8. haha dík za nominaci, jdu na to :D :)

  9. Thanks for commenting back and for the nominated ones for taking on the challenge! ;)

  10. Matcha anything would be my pick as well!!! And can I ask you where did you found english subtitles for the KNTM (if you have some of course, but I've been searching for some for such a long time already and wasn't able to find any!!!)
    I will see if I will take the challenge though, but it made me happy to be nominated by you and named like one of sunshine bloggers...really ♥