Back Home

As those of you who have been following my blog for some time can recognize, I took these pictures back home in Prague! I managed to find cheap plane tickets with Ryanair (110 Euros return), so I visited my family and friends and also got my new laptop and material for my 2nd semester project. I wore this on a very busy day, when I was meeting with my friends, labmates, professor and officials (when you study abroad, you can't afford to have your IDs expire).

Lately, I've been feeling really weird about my body. I put on 2 kg since going to Tokyo and it feels like I have more fat on than before. I suppose I'd been eating more junk food and sweets since leaving my country, but in Ireland, I've been walking 10 - 15 km three to four times a week and I try to exercise on the days when I don't walk. >.<

Dress: Liz Lisa lucky pack, Tokyo
Cardigan: second hand Zara - Guerrisol, Paris
Brooch: hand made by my mum
Scarf: H&M, Vienna
Bag: Tally Weijl, Germany
Boots: gift (my friend got them from an Erasmus student from Ukraine who couldn't fit them in her luggage and I was the only one with the specific shoe size)

Yours truly


  1. Your hair is so much bigger than some months ago! I like your dress!
    I hope you had a great Easter <3

    1. Thank you! I hope your Easter was nice as well. :)

  2. Moc ti to sluší a postavu máš nádhernou, ženskou. :)

  3. wooow! you have a great blog! I love it !!!!
    and you, you are so pretty!!!! I love your style is amazing!
    I wanna to ask you how about follow each other? Let me know, please. I always follow back so don`t worry :)
    have a nice day sweety!
    xoxo from Spain

    1. Thank you! I wil definitelly check your blog!

  4. cute stripes dress!! i think u look fine dear, don't worry about the extra 2kg. but girls being girls, it's easier said than done. on your hotel question, we stayed at different hotels each time we visited tokyo. this time round, we stayed at the ritz carlton.


    1. Thanks for the hotel reply and aso for your comment! Haha, yeah, it's hard to stop worrying about weight.

  5. Oh very beautiful dress!


  6. you look amazing!!! you can out on weight! i used to always put on weight in ireland or england! waow! you are so lucky to have gone home and to return to ireland!!!! all the best!!!!
    by the way, did you meet a lovely irish guy?

  7. Tak tady Ti to opravdu extra moc sluší! :3 Náádherné šaty, boty, rtěnka, šála.. No prostě všechno, vypadáš kouzelně. :) A je to hezké vidět zase fotky outfitu na dřívějším obvyklém místě, díky nim jsem si tehdy Tvůj blog hned zamilovala. :)

  8. Home sweet home! I'm sad I didn't had the chance to meet while you were staying in Paris :'(

  9. Thanks girls! Haha, I already have a boyfriend :) Melody, I'll be going back to Paris for my graduation next year, I'll let you know!