DIY: Cardboard Box Drawers

There are plenty tutorials for making cupboard and drawers from cardboard boxes. The thing is, Gerald and me had to make do only with the boxes, scotch tape and double sided tape. Still, we managed to come up with a way that has been working well for 6 weeks so far and the drawers don't seem to be collapsing. I know the drawers are not perfect - after all, we didn't even have a good ruler. But for something that will be used for 5 months, I'm quite fine with the outcome. 

1 big cardboard box
Several smaller cardboard boxes that fit just well inside the big one if you stack them on top of each other
Several boxes from thick cardboard for support
Decorative paper or paint
Scotch tape
Double sided tape

3 - 5 E (depends on how expensive your paint/paper is)

How to:

Make holes in the sides of the big box so that they form lines. Cut stripes of paper from the thick cardboard, line them with scissors so that you can fold them in a long stick with triangular cross-section and make them hold in this shape by scotch tape. Pull them through the holes and leave up to 10 cm on each side. Then cut two rectangles from thick cardboard to serve as support for the drawers. 

 Fold the sticks downwards and secure with loads of tape. Then either paint or the box or glue paper on it using the double sided tape.

Do the same for the rectangles and drawers. Done! If you wonder about the colours, these colours can be found on the Czech and Filipino flags!

 Yours truly