Cheapo Storage Tips for Cosmetics and Accessories (+ What I Packed/Bought for Dublin)


Now, my brushes live in a broken cup (it has a crack, so I can't put anything liquid in it), before, in Paris, I had them in a shower gel bottle with a very pretty design, from which I cut off the top part.
I have a kabuki brush (works for powder, blush, shading), two flat eye shadow brushes, smaller brush to do shading or my eyebrows, blending brush and lash comb. I also ended up with a shading brush from my shading powder cassette which broke. 

My skincare, part of medicine and make-up live in a drawer.

In separate containers made from boxes (from cereals, house appliances, gifts...), I have all the things divided based on what they are. Here is bag of plaster (I need a lot), Panadol, tea tree oil and Thai oil for muscle pain, vitamins and new supplements I bought here in Dublin. The other things I brought from Paris because they're fairly light and expensive. The box is from bran flakes.

My make-up. If you ever saw my general make-up collection posts before, you would know this is but a very small fraction, though I'm trying to drastically reduce it as I can't bring it all on my travels. So my essential kit (which I brought from Paris, but otherwise I would just buy everything after moving in). I have false individual lashes and glue, mini eye shadow palette, highlighter (mini), powder, mini perfume, neutral eye shadow, pore minimizing primer, dark brown eye liner, white eye liner, mascara, BB cream, concealer, eye brightener, eye shadow primer, under eye concealer and lipstick. The box I think is from a plate. Behind the box is one of my cosmetic bags, though originally it was an umbrella case. 

 My nail care is in a box from the calendar I got as a gift during the Chinese New Year celebration. I have basic manicure, one nail polish (brought from France) and nail remover pads which I bought in Dublin and which are so cheap and amazing that they will deserve a separate review.
On the left side is my antiperspirant, brush cleanser and tissues. Normally, I would buy this after moving, but I had a lot of luggage weight allowance left, so I brought them instead of leaving them behind. 

The skincare box, made from kettle box. Make-up remover, serum and Nivea creams (face and, ehm, anti-cellulite, courtesy of Gerald) were bought in Dublin, the rest I brought from Paris. Mascara remover, pads, mask, eye cream, sleeping pack, lash serum, hand and foot creams, masks, pore strips. Again, normally, I would just buy these every time after moving.   

This is how my accessories lived for 2 weeks after moving in:

And now they have their own drawer!

Here is a box from clock that holds all of my hair stuff - ribbons, hairbands, up-do helper, hair ties etc. The ties and bobby pins + other small stuff are in a cover from the nail polish remover pads and the decorated bobby pins are in Gerald's coffee box. Pssssst.  

To be honest, this is the only box that is actually cute.

My belts and bigger accessories are stacked in the back.

Then I have smaller things in several mini boxes made from tumbler boxes (and the tumblers were a gift from my university). As you can see, I brought very little, because jewelry is heavy, and even so I transported these stacked in the pockets of my coat (hey, what you fit on your body doesn't count for luggage weight!)

Well, and that's it. The bottom line is: Make use of free resources you have when moving - such as boxes.

Yours truly,


  1. Ty Tvé doplňky jsou náádherné :3 Jinak má kosmetika je taky v krabičkách, většinou od Ladyboxu :D Ale chystám se vyrobit si něco hezčího i se stojánky na štětce, rtěnky atd - stěhuju se a chci mít ve svém novém pokoji konečně pořádek :D

    1. Dekuju :) Tak doufam, ze se pak s novym uloznym systemem pochlubis. :)