Closet Skirt

I know, normally, skirts would be kept in a closet. The reason for the title is that this particular skirt stays in the closet basically all the time. It was sewn by my mum about 10 years ago and whenever I wore it, it always caused a big commotion. Ironically enough, I didn't wear it at all during my rori days, though it would have worked perfectly for the pirate style. I brought it with me to Paris and Ireland since it's warm, but I didn't wear it until this photo shoot and I guess I won't wear it afterwards either, because it managed to get red colour on my sweater. 
I wore it on a normal school day (proof at the end of the post) and didn't really raise that many eyebrows. 
The photos are heavily edited because of weird light and greyish colours on the original pictures.

Skirt: handmade by my mum
Knit: second hand, Prague
Bag: Japanese magazine from Book Off, Paris
Shoes: off brand, Paris 
Hair flower: handmade by my mum

Yours truly


  1. I like the skirt specially with the jacket (:

  2. you look gorgeous! red and blue is definitely a beautiful combo on you. hope you're having an amazing week so far! :)

    Metallic Paws

  3. Oh very lovely and cute skirt"


  4. Tak to je nádhera, hlavně ta sukně :3 A kabát k tomu skvěle sedí.. Prostě Ti to zase straaaašně moc sluší :)