Titanic Exhibition and the Non-existent Quartier Coréen (Korea Town)

"It was a moonless night and I've never seen the stars shine with such intensity; they seemed to rise up from the sky, and they sparkled with diamond-like luster. It was the kind of night when one was happy to be alive." 

On a free day at the end of September (yes, we had so much free time back then, which comes in handy now when I don't even have time to take proper outfit photos...), we decided to go to the Titanic exhibition. With entry fee around 16 E, it was probably the most expensive exhibition I've ever been to. It had nothing in common with the movie - the exhibit showed real objects recovered from the ship, background information (culture, people, technology...) and reconstructed rooms and simulations of the events. 

My Titanic-esque outfit: second hand H&M dress from Guerrisol and headband from the same brand I got during the sales in Prague., DIY clutch (tutorial on this blog) and very unusual hairstyle (for me, that is). I also did make-up which is a bit out of my comfort zone, with pale pink and silver eyeshadows.


Boarding pass each of us got together with the audio guide! I got a lady traveling via first class, so all of my friends envied me, lol. 


Even though pictures were allowed, the rooms were really dark. I think this photo is probably hard to decipher, so from left to right: Chrisant, me, Amel, Anette. Titanic in the background.

"All of the objects exhibited are orginals recovered from the site where Titanic sunk, almost 4 000 meters deep. They're fragile and have to be stored at constant temperature and humidity."

Boarding time!

1st class:

Golden pendent, in the center there's a crystal and floral motif.

Collar decoration from yellow gold with turquoise. 

Remnants of a fold-able knife on a chain.

1st class menu:

3rd class cabins (100x more luxurious than my dorm):

Coal for fuel:

"It was a moonless night and I've never seen the stars shine with such intensity; they seemed to rise up from the sky, and they sparkled with diamond-like luster. It was the kind of night when one was happy to be alive."

Iceberg to the right!

Most people who died froze to death - the water was so cold that they fell into a coma way before they could have drowned.


The message of the exhibition:
"Let's not forget that we cannot ever control nature and evade its destructive force. This was such a tragedy, with the human factor failing as well... Oh, don't forget to buy overpriced souvenirs in the next room to quench your mourning!"

 To change the depressing atmosphere a bit, we headed to the mythic Korea town in 15th Arr. We saw a cute cafe on our way:

We got generous portions of luxurious ice cream, because they were trying to get rid of it, we were four dressed-up girls and the shop assistant was a young man. Sometimes it's really great to be a woman!

A place where you can cook your food - I don't know any details, but I wonder if it's really that profitable... I mean, it sounds like a bit too much of a hassle to go cook there...

Pasta stand:

Pumpkin latte at Starbucks - anyone tried it?

Maybe you're saying to yourself: "Very nice, Vita, but where are the Korean things? You know, you said it was a Korea town, right?"

So, the Korea town is actually just about one supermarket (which has a bigger shop in Japanese town anyway) and a couple of restaurants... For K pop goodies and cosmetics, you actually have to go to the China town!

Shop with frozen goodies only:

And the Korean restaurant where we had dinner - é-da. The food was very good (not exactly 100% Korean), the decorations lovely, the waiters nice, prices reasonable and it was in genera a very enjoyable experience. 

Picture form Chrisant's vintage-style polaroid - I want one as well, but they're so expensive on eBay >.<.


Main dishes:

Side dishes - my fave were the potatoes:


And my grocery haul:
Ramen, Dduk dumplings, sauces, kimchi, fried nori sheets (so much healthier (and pricier) than chips!), matcha latte and maize tea.

Yours truly


  1. Hi Vita! you look lovely in your Pink dress and headband. The clutch is so cute ^_^ Such a mind opening experience you are having in Paris. Enjoy!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I'm really happy to be part of the Erasmus Mundus, it's a priceless experience!

  2. Beautiful dress!



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    1. Thanks (@hopes it's positive-incredible@) :)

  4. haha it's lovely how you dressed for the Titanic theme! loving the silver eyeshadow, this style is great on you! :) hope you're having a wonderful week so far!

    Metallic Paws

  5. Wow you look so, so beautiful in that sweet dress! The color must be my favorite thing about it! I like how feminine and flirty the dress is! :)
    And wow, Titanic exhibition looks and sounds so, so cool! And it must have been a lot of fun walking around and imagining you actually on the ship (not the sinking part, of course! :D )
    & how yummy does the food look? :)

    New International giveaway on my blog (Win an item of your own choice!)

    1. Thank you, Maddie! Yes, the 1st class part was very nice, though the last room was very depressing. :(

  6. Nádhera, jak výstava Titanicu, tak hlavně to korejské městečko :) Strašně závidím co sis tam mohla nakoupit :D Sama bych jim to asi vykoupila všechno :P