Normandy - Mont St. Michel, Caen, Honfleur, Trouville

At the beginning of October, a small part of FIPDes and lots of other Erasmus students went on a weekend trip to Normandy, organized by the EIAP (see their FB page in case you're an Erasmus student in Paris - there are trips around France and nearby European countries, parties, drinking, sports...).

On the way, as food innovation students, we couldn't have overlooked these cute lunch packs and new Magnum ice creams:

Our first stop was the Mont Saint Michel monastery dedicated to Michael - supposedly, it took the angel a lot of effort to make the bishop build it - he had to burn his forehead to make him do it. What's more famous than the legend though is the fact that depending on the tide, the monastery can seem like an island.

The town around is really picturesque and historic.


A church?

Or a Game of Thrones-esque site! I think I've spent too much with Asinx. =D

Some photos of photos:


We only have pics of the cathedral, because most of us were really tired and fell asleep, so we missed the neighborhood tour. [(--)]ZZzzz...


Before-running-to-the-bus selca

Honfleur is absolutely gorgeous with lovely harbor, lots of souvenirs, local produce, clothes and cosmetics shops, tons of seafood restaurants (lunch menu from 10 to 25 E) and cafes. Totally my favorite place of the whole weekend!

 A souvenir shop where I got some very affordable souvenirs (lot of 3 L bottles for 10 E, 3 jams for 8 E I think, 3 bottles of liqueur for 10 E).

Cool ad:

Awesome flea market:


Good and really cheap creperie:


LUSH's distant cousin:


Vanilla soap and solid shampoo, everything is 8 E/100 g (yeah, not really cheap):


Gerald: Let's do the Titanic scene!
Lizzie: Looks like crucification of Vita...

Nah, the beach was not this empty - I spend lots of time Zonering people out of the picture...


 Yours truly


  1. Awee you are the sweetest couple ever! :)
    And wow those places are amazing, the architecture is breathtaking!

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  2. How wonderful to travel the world through your eyes and fabulous pics, my dear Vita.
    I am sooooooooooooooooo happy to see you in love and loved back.

  3. Mňaaam to Magnum vypadá dobře (a mýdla jsou taky k nakousnutí) :D
    A neskutečně moc to tady Vám dvěma slušíí! :)

  4. I've seen pictures before of that monastery where it did look like an island. GoT was the first thing that I thought of when I saw you guys in that chair! Also, I'm in love with that chest of drawers--could you buy it for me? :P



  5. Such a gorgeous place, I really enjoyed looking at these pictures.


  6. Oh, such beautiful pictures! I love that place, full of past and history.
    You seem to have lot of fun!

  7. ach!!!!!!! všechny fotky jsou nádherné, historické místa, obchody, couple fotky (úplně nejvíc ty na pláži a ty poslední u pouliční lampy) nádhera, takové prosycené krásnou atmosférou ♥

    1. Moc děkuju <3 Ty u lampy jsou taky moje oblíbené :)