Orphan of Lowood and Other Outfits

Here are a couple of outfits from October - all taken with my grandpa-camera's self timer. 

As for this one, I paired the black sort of military-style dress from a second hand in Tokyo (only 100 Yen/1 USD!) with a skirt I bought at the Yoyogi flea market - it has suspenders, but I tucked them inside and I put my golden bow brooch over the red one, to make it more matching. For necklace and hair pin, I went for golden hearts - the pin is a gift from my colleague from Todai, it was totally one of the sweetest B-day gifts I ever received!

I put on 3 or 4 kilos in the two months! Uuuh! I need to cut back on the sweets, else my wallet will get thinner while I'll get fatter. So, if you belong among the people who have noticed my cheeks looking rounder... they actually are. orz

This is a really simple outfit with my "new" oversized owl sweater from Guerrisol. The skirt is from H&M's sales and the jacket is second hand and originally from Reserved. I opted for a sleek ponytail with fake braids as a headband. 

This is my Orphan of Lowood outfit. It felt very MIAA (my dorm) appropriate, it would perfectly fit the book's description of the orphanage. I really like the outfit I wore under the coat though. It's my Shibuya109 dress and Liz Lisa lucky pack skirt, with off brand backpack from Harajuku. The coat is from Guerrisol and I actually don't like it very much, but it was the cheapest option for the crazily cold days that suddenly hit us in September.

Yours truly


  1. Do not worry too much about the extra kilos you will go back to your normal weight soon, my beautiful Vita.

  2. ohh I love flea markets, and you look great in these dresses!

  3. Burgundy, burgundy & more burgundy! I looove that color, I think as much as I love red wine, haha! :)
    Your outfits are wonderful, Vita- you always manage to look so classy and feminine! You have a very beautiful style! :)


  4. very sweet I love the burgundy skirt so much!!

  5. u are still very slim with the extra 4 kgs hence no need to worry about your weight gain. the last outfit is so cute!!


  6. So beautiful and gorgeous. My favourite is the last picture. The full skirt is outstanding. I love the polka dots. These are all lovely outfits.

  7. Nice!

    It will mean a lot if you have time to check my blog and maybe follow us if you like our blog?

    Hope to see you soon on it

    Emily from Pretty Tiny Things

  8. I love it all your outfits are really pretty and cute! The last was my fav dear ヽ(・∀・)ノ


  9. Mi se nejvíce líbí ty první šaty, jsou krásné a mooc Ti sluší! :)

  10. Aw, thanks a lot, everyone! <3