Style Blogger's Best Accessory...

is a stylish photographer-boyfriend, of course!


Normally, I don't promote charities since it's everybody's own choice to decide whether and where to send money to support some cause. But in this case, the cause is quite important for me, since Gerald, Lizzie and several of our older FIPDes mates are from the Philippines, which, as you know, were recently severely damaged by a ferocious typhoon. Even though my close ones' families and friends are safe, many people weren't that lucky and even more of them lost their houses and businesses, but not their hope and will to rebuild the country. Even though the situation will be very different for all of my readers, here in Europe we're extremely lucky to have been born in countries with no or very very mild natural catastrophes, plentiful resources and fairly calm politics. Therefore, if you want to share some of our luckiness with the less fortunate, the picture above leads to a list of safe donation links provided by CNN. I will keep posting the picture in all my future posts and I will also keep the ones in the header, all will lead to the same list.
Thank you.

And credit for photos where the two of us are together goes to Sarabjit's talent!

Yes, with my start of dating Gerald, not only did my relationship-happiness exceed any of the levels reached previously, but luckily for my blog, my outfit photos got upgraded as well. It will take us some time to synchronize as photographer-amateur model, but it's already 100% better than my MIAA room self-timed pics. 

I keep promising to write so many informative posts and CIUP guide is one of them. On the following photo, you can see the very romantic scene of Gerald pretending he's stealing a rose belonging to the dorm for my sake, with the very unromantic background - the dorm itself. It ranks as the second worst dorm in CIUP, and during our photoshoots (and when we finally lift our busy behinds from textbooks and go make the CIUP photo guide), you'll know why.

The Swedish house makes a much nicer background:

And if I (fingers crossed) manage to survive through tests, projects and assignments for 2 years and come back to Paris for my graduation ceremony, I will stay in the Japanese house no matter what it takes.

Backpack: Off brand from Harajuku, heart charm from Textile House second hand in Prague

 Skirt, belt: H&M, Germany
Skirt: off brand, Yoyogi flea market
Top, shoes: F&F
Necklace: inherited
Bracelet: off brand, second hand - Textile House
Hair bow: Daiso, Tokyo

Jacket: Reserved, second hand from Ona Dnes flea market
Tie: from my Liz Lisa coat

Italian House is a very lovely place as well:

 Pants: Levis
Shirt: Off brand
Sweater: Sympa
Shoes: Rusty Lopez
Watch: Police

Dress: Shibuya109, Tokyo
Cardigan: DIY/Zara, tutorial on this blog
Shoes: La Halle Aux Chaussures, Angers
Bag: Deichmann

Yours truly


  1. You are both soooooooooooooooo lovely. Much love, dear Vita.

  2. Ten první outfit je dokonalý a batůžek i srdíčko bych taky brala, krása :)

  3. that cardigan is so pretty & classic! lovely look!!


  4. You look so beautiful, as always Vita! :)
    I really like both of those beautiful and romantic outfit- polka dots definitely suit you very well! :)
    And how adorable that you are wearing almost matchy-matchy outfits! :))
    And about Philippines- my heart goes out to each and every one who was involved in this tragedy! I can only imagine how horrible it is to loose everything and especially your loved ones!
    My heart is already full of sadness with the tragedy that happened in my country Latvia, but I will definitely donate to this charity!


  5. Stunning dress. It is so perfect and beautiful.I want it so much. Thanks for raising awareness to those in need around the world at the moment.

  6. Taková kráska! Máš úžasný styl...tleskám všema deseti, až mě ruce bolí ;-).

  7. ngaw you and your boyfriend are too cute together! loving the matching maroon too hehe. and thanks for raising awareness about the Philippines, it's devastating! :(

    Metallic Paws