Quai Branly Museum and How to Become Parisian in One Hour

First of all, I have to admit that 80% of the photos in this post are Gerald's, since he's blessed with good camera, great photography skills and urge to take pictures of anything and everything.

 The museum was built by Jacques Chirac to - in his words - emphasize the importance of cultures from Africa, Oceania and America and to support dialog between cultures, or - in my French teacher's words - to sate his craving for leaving behind something monumental carrying his name like every single French president or ruler.

River of words

How to become Parisian in one hour

Charlotte, one of the French students, said she saw the play last year and it was hilarious, so the majority of FIPDes decided to sacrifice 16 Euros and go see it. Let me tell you, it is totally worth the price, it is hilarious and Olivier Giraud does a spectacular job in his one man show. If you hated your French classes and had no idea what the whole France-obsessison was about, you'll love it. If you've ever had to live in Paris - in overpriced mini flats full of rats, cockroaches and molds that cost the same as a luxurious 6 room apartment in your home country; if you've found out that in France, the concept of "get off first, get on after" does not exist and that French people are neither Vogue material, nor Victor Hugo's tragic lovers look-alikes, this play will let you know you're not in this alone. And if you belong among Francophiles, this play might crush your dream.    

The ghost of Victor...

The French lips 
(aka how to get a free drink in a club, because the guy will get so scared he'll just throw his wallet your way and run away)

Yours truly


  1. There are some creepy creatures in that museum! o.o I am glad you liked that play, it seems really funny and good for anyone whom don't get the french XD stay well *(:

    1. Thank you! Yeah, some of the exhibited objects made me wish to never ever stay locked there during night >.<

  2. Your French teacher is snarky and awesome haha. I've talked to some French students here and they all say something similar about how Paris is overhyped, so I bet they would approve of this show. Your bow belt and jacket look so cute together!



    1. I've even seen T-shirts "Paris is overrated" =D Yeah, once you get beyond the sparkly turist-y stuff, you start seeing Paris a lot differently...

  3. haha, I like the "french lips" you are making- hilarious photos!
    And the museum looks very impressive and definitely very interesting! :)


  4. oh the french lips, it sure is making a funny photos :)