While capturing this outfit in Gerald's camera's memory (card), I realized that tripods have one big advantage over dedicated photographer boyfriends. When your photos don't come out well, you become frustrated, depressed and start considering investing into at least photoshop, but more likely plastic surgery, and you need to take it out on someone - tripod is a much safer choice when you complain. But Gerald is patient and so he withstood me nagging about angles, light, fat, smiling and breathing. 

This outfit is inspired by the general kind of clothes that has been popular in Japanese late teen/young adult fashion mags for autumn/winter for a couple of years now. Since the dress is a treasure from the Yoyogi flea market (400 Yen = 3 E), has polka dots and I happened to see Yayoi Kusama's work in the Mori museum, I thought I'd use "dotto" (the Japanese way of pronouncing "dot") for the outfit. Yayoi Kusama is one of Japan's most famous contemporary artists and she's famous for using polka dots, her popular works having red color. I bet you guys are freezing just by seeing the picture (with the average T in Paris around 5 °C) - but I swear I was warm enough not to mind taking pics without a coat. I'm thinking about making an article about wearing summer clothes in winter and feeling super warm.

Anyways, as I just mentioned, the dress is an off brand piece from the Yoyogi flea market, I turned the color inwards because it didn't work with the blouse (belonging to my mum - but she washed it in hot water and it became teeny tiny, so it's mine now) and added a ribbon (via a safety pin). The over the knee stockings are who knows from where and I just tied a ribbon around my head instead of a headband. The coat (F&F) and bag (Deichmann) are my autumn/spring staples. Shoes - believe it or not - were my grandma's, who is a shoe addict, so both of the pairs of boots I brought with me to Paris are hers.    

If you're interested in the location - the pics were taken next to one of my current uni's buildings in Claude Bernard where I have my Food Safety course right now.


Yours truly


  1. Perfektní outfit. *_* Ta halenka je úžasná.

  2. Krása, mi se zase strašně líbí ten kabátek :3

  3. I'm the exact opposite of you---anything less than 12 degrees and I don't even want to go outside. I love the blouse that you layered underneath the polka dot dress, and how the ruffles peek out from underneath. Also, I like using tripods over people as well, because I can pull out my crazy poses without feeling self-conscious!



    1. Thank you! But your photos are amazing, it's hard to believe you can achieve that with a tripod.

  4. AAAA to je skvělý outfit !!!!...ty barvy se k tobě hodně hodí a celkově je to všechno skvěle sladěný :-)