A Taste of Montmartre

We certainly haven't explored the quartier fully yet - but we certainly got a taste of it. We're planning at least two more trips there - one more for sightseeing and one for souvenir/second hand and discounted clothes shopping.

Sympa - second hand and discounted clothes shop. It has two stores in Montmartre near Abbesses. It's not super cheap, but Sunco Paris' clothes is 10 E/piece and there are really good deals for guys clothes. I'll report more when I come back - for now, here are some cute pieces by Sunco. It looks very much like what I've seen in Japan, so I'm really tempted, even though I really shouldn't buy more clothes, considering that I have a tight budget and will have to move every couple of months.

This is why I'm getting fatter and fatter and my account emptier and emptier.

The other Sympa:

Sacre Coeur

Sarabjit: Oh, it's forbidden to take pictures... but my phone doesn't make sounds. CREEEEKS!
Gerald: Jesus! OK, mine is silent. BEEEEEP
Me:... OK, guys, mine is actually totally silent. SILENCE

Skirt: ETC, Tokyo, second hand
Shirt: LaDurée for Uniqlo, Tokyo
Jacket: H&M
Shoes: F&F
Bag: DIY 
Belt: ?
Pins: Liz Lisa (gift from my amazing friend from Todai) and I Am

I want Gerald's camera!

The cutest and most fairytale-like shop ever!

I'm not a big fan of Starbucks, but this one is very unique and actually cool!


Yours truly


  1. To je všechno tak pohádkové! A zase mi děláš neskutečné chutě :D
    A ten outfit je tady prostě úžasně roztomilý :3

  2. This is one of my favorite parts of Paris and I know it is quite commercial but at the same is so pretty and unique! I love your photos and I am glad you are enjoying such an amazing place (:

  3. Such awesome pictures! This place is so dreamy and full of people, this is so cool *^* I love your outfit, so much pink , that's so sweet <3