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After raving about how awesome the Guerrisol second hand shop must be, and what a pity it is that I don't remember its location, I happened to land right in front of one when I left Auchan at Kremlin-Bicetre and crossed the street. I'm making a big article about cheapo life in Paris and Guerrisol is included there with all the practical information, so for now, let me just brag about how cheap the clothes I bought was. 

1) Red dress by Vero Moda - 5 E

OK, I think that this can pass as winter clothes only if I claim it's for Santa cosplay. But how often do you find gorgeous cocktail dresses for 5 E, that fit you like a glove and are made from high quality satin? Plus we will go to a theater at least twice during the next month and I didn't bring any evening wear. I love the half circle skirt, the detailing on the bustier and the bow on the waist area.

2) Coat, H&M - 5 E
Winter coat for 5 Euros is a dream. It's size 38, so it's a bit too big for me, but I can always belt it if I want a tighter fit. The best part is the collar that closes up to the neck and the ruffled skirt part, so I can fit all of my frilly things underneath. It's a bit short, but I think it will be fine for autumn and beginning of winter.

3) Mori kei dress - 2 E?
I am not sure if it was this dress or skirt number 8, but for one item, I was charged only 2 E. Anyways, I spotted this dress when I was already heading to the cashier, so I didn't even try it on. It's anything but winter clothes, but thanks to its skirt length, it worked perfectly well for a mass (with cardigan, of course). The lace is really beautiful and I love the romantic and innocent feeling it has. 

4) Cute mori-able dress - 5 E
This dress is off brand and from China (the tag is Chinese) and it's incredibly cute. The fabric is pretty thin and the bow will need ironing, but I just couldn't leave it there. 

5) Owl knit - 5 E
One of the things I actually needed. It's totally oversize, but I kind of liked that, I think it would work the best with a tight mini or pants, which I don't really have, but with a bit of thinking, I think I can make it work even with my very limited French wardrobe.The owl is really cute, and I love the pink color.

6) Romantic dress, H&M - 5 E
I can't believe the dress stayed there, waiting for me. It's perfect. I'm not a big HM fan, but this dress is so lovely - the cut, the beading, the fit, the fabric, the color... I wore them to Fontainebleau and felt like Cinderella after transformation.

7) Cardigan, Zara - 5 E
This cardigan is also one of the few things I needed - it's pretty warm and versatile. It looked almost unworn, too (after being tossed in the laundromat by me, it looks a bit more worn =D).

8) White skirt - 2 or 5 E?
This skirt will fit me only if I don't put a single gram on - the waist is exactly the same as my waist and not very stretchy. I think it may be Japanese (because of the tag), but I'm not too sure. It's super cute, has a netted lining and modest length.

julie Kokeshi

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  1. The Zara coat is perfect - I wish I had one for myself too and it is my favorite piece. We have a second-hand-vintage-store here in Lisbon called "a outra face da lua" (the other face of the moon) I think you would freak out if you entered there, it is just you (: (the magazine is amazing! oh by the way did you get the chance to read my email?)*(:

  2. wow, Number 6 is awesome.. and the magazine is so kawaii :3

  3. I love number three and six!!!

  4. Všechno ti to strašně sluší. :-) Ten svetr se sovou je skvělý. ^^ A ty první šaty taky. Vlastně všechno.

  5. Omg omg *_* Your purchases are so beautiful, I wish I could steal EVERYTHING from you D:
    I don't even know that store, they are such beautiful things TwT

  6. wow amazing looks ! love it !
    Maybe we follow each other !?
    If yes, let me know when you´re follow me & ill follow back :)

    Happy weekend !


  7. The red dress is smoking hot ;)