Louvre & Paris at Night

I came to Paris hoping to loose the weight I put on in Tokyo (whoever said that when you go to Japan you become thinner was wrong), but I seem to eat a lot, probably not as much as in Tokyo, but certainly not little enough to loose any fat. I think that the only thing that saves me from becoming a big ball of fat is walking (and maybe genetics).
So, here's the LOTD, from which I gained strength to go through classes and then proceed to Louvre and its surroundings. 

Dress: some shop in Shibuya109, Tokyo
Peplum top (peplum hidden by tucking it under the upper part of the shirt, which makes me look fat): F&F
Necklace: gift, I am
Bag: Deichmann
Shoes: La Halle aux Chaussures
Headband: Marie Antoinette SWAP 
Jacket: Tally Weijl
Brooch: gift, I am

There was a shop with katakana written on it, so I happily hurried towards the door only to discover that it was a shop with overpriced accessories for pets. WTH.

An arts store near Louvre:

Louvre was free for students under 25 or 26 or something on Friday evening, which is the reason we went there despite already having visited the museum before. If it's free, why not explore in detail, right?

Gerald (while taking a selfie) : Table, tablet on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?
Tablet: The statue of Venus de Milo inside the museum, sir. 

Upon hearing this sad truth, Gerald decided to go search for the goddamn statue to get rid of his competition, and I was dragged along as his personal translator/photographer. The reason why there are no pics of Gerald in the museum here is because actually, I didn't manage to prove the tablet wrong.

Yes, Gerald, you're fairer than this one.

Asinx: For you ^.-

A small reminder that no matter how pretty we are, worms will feed on us indiscriminately.

Nah, this is not me failing at photoshop, this is gothic art.

Since we didn't find Gerald's competition during Miss Louvre 2013, we went to see the paintings in Mona Lisa's department (last time, we were declared "much prettier than her", so it was OK).

The ceiling, OMG!

Gerald's interpretation of the painting:
Red person: Excuse me, how do I go to this street?
Naked person: Ah, sorry, I am naked, but I think you need to go over there.  

Gerald's accurate remark: They used triangles in paintings back then.

Making a realistic veil on a statue - amazing.

I look like a deer staring into headlights.


Prince on a white horse.

Me on a white horse:

Actually, we just got on for the pictures and then quickly left before it started going round and we'd have to pay.

Oh, and this is what happens when you take selfies at night.

Yours truly


  1. Proč hubnout?? Vždyť jsi štíhlá, máš krásnou postavu, nemusíš být přece jen kost a kůže. Oblečení ti moc sluší a ten výlet musel být úžasný!

  2. Mooc Ti to sluší, a ty fotky na kolotočích jsou super! :)

  3. Polka dots with lace look super lovely! That is like the sweetest combination ever! You look like such a chic french girl with that jacket and those pearls around your necklace!
    All in all- beautiful outfit! :)

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