Burgundy and Ladurée

I know I haven’t really talked about my school life properly yet, but let me just say now that normally, we spent our days and night in APT in Massy (I would say it’s the middle of nowhere, but there’s a actually a cheapo-friendly market organized a couple of mornings per week, bakeries and Auchan, so...). But for French class we go to the building in the center of Paris, in Claude Bernard. Why? Our teacher claims that it’s to make life easier for us, but I suspect it’s mainly to make life easier for her. Anyways, once per week, we have to change locations.
So, on a lovely rainy (and also chilly, windy, humid, and foggy) day, we went on a journey with the ultimate destination of Claude Bernard. Since the weather was as I’ve just described, an umbrella seemed like a very reasonable accessory. Since it was drizzling for the whole time we were out, it was pretty much impossible (even for an airhead like me) to leave it behind. However, fortunately for all the Parisians out there and unfortunately for me, it stopped raining during our French class, so I happily left the umbrella drying in the classroom.
So, on Wednesday morning, I came back, asked at the reception, was told that “oui, an umbrella was there just the other day, but it magically disappeared this morning” and headed to Auchan and Guerisol to fetch some essential things like summer dresses, frilly skirts and discounted doughnuts. And finally, this is what I wore on that day.

Sorry for the weird spots O___o

Skirt: second hand, Yoyogi flea market, Tokyo
Shirt: Off Mode Ueno, Tokyo
Jacket: Reserved, second hand
Belt: Bershka, Milano
Headband: ?
Bag: off brand, Tokyo
Scarf: DIY (tutorial on this blog)
Bag: inherited
Shoes: F&F


Dress: eBay, off brand
Shirt: Uniqlo x Ladurée, Tokyo
Jacket: H&M
Scarf: Colloseum
Bag: L'Intemporelle, Angers
Shoes: La Halle aux Chaussures, Angers
Necklace: gift, I am

Yours truly


  1. looking lovely as always Vita! :) love that white and burgundy combo! :)

    Metallic Paws

  2. When it's really rainny I prefer to use a long jacket because umbrellas can get easilly lost and also turn away with the wind. Hope the weather will be better for you to travel and visit some places (:

    1. Oh, maybe I should buy a cute raincoat too. :) Yes, I hope this weekend will be nice as we're going on a long trip :)

  3. So sweet, I love the top it is amazing.

  4. Burgundy is one of my favorite fall colors to dress in! You look absolutely amazing in it- it suits you a lot! :)


  5. I love the first outfit. :) The colour really suits you :)

  6. Krásné, moc ti to sluší. Ale já bych umrzla :D

    1. Moc děkuju <3 Neumrzla, ten den bylo ještě dost teplo ;)