When you hear Fontainebleau, most people probably think of the lovely forest. But there is also a castle on par with Versailles, minus the infinite tourist crowds. I'm serious, this castle is very underestimated. True, the gardens are less luxurious and megalomaniac than those in Versailles, but the interior of the castle is gorgeous. And it's 100% free for students under 26 (and if you're lucky, even for older ones). 

I opted for an ultra girly, princessy sort of outfit:
Dress: H&M, second hand Guerrisol, Paris
Cardigan: Zara, same origin
Brooch: gift
Bag: mum's
Tights: C&A, Paris
Shoes: F&F

We planned to have a picnic for lunch, so I made some crepes to bring with us:

For how to get to Fontainebleau - you need to take one of the grandes lignes trains from a big train station, and then take a bus that will take you from Fontainebleau-Avon right to the castle entrance. It is covered by ImagineR if you have all zones, or if you go during the weekend when ImagineR is valid for all zones.

The garden where we had out picnic - we were kicked out of the grass right after we finished eating, lucky us that we weren't noticed sooner!

The amazing Fontainebleau staircase:

We visited Les Grands Appartements - they were certainly grand.

The gardens:


Yours truly


  1. This castle is beautiful! Were you allowed to wander the grounds, or are there scheduled tours? I'll make a note if I ever visit to stay off the grass... ;)



    1. You're free to roam the grounds as you wish, audio guide is like 2 E. :)

  2. Krásné fotky! Moc se mi líbí ta s Geraldem u té "mnohoprsaté" sochy - a ještě ke všemu to Geraldovo "zamračené tričko"!

  3. Tobě to zase taaak sluší! :) Nádherné fotky :)

  4. Wow this is gorgeous and looks like the perfect way to spend a day. The castle is outstanding and beautiful, so amazing. Your outfit Is stunning and perfect for the occasion. Dressing like a princess is the best. I love the colour scheme, the patterns and the detailing.