All You Can Eat Sushi + OOTD

Near the RER B station Les Baconnets, il y a Tokyo sushi, which has all you can eat lunch buffets for 10 E on working days. It sounds like a really good deal, but the quality is not particularly great. To make you fuller, nigiri sushi looks almost like an onigiri ball (too much rice) and the taste is no miracle. The sushi is served with wasabi, but no ginger. Also, I'm not against experiments, but cheese sushi in the menu made my stomach turn a somersault. The way it works is different from the usual conveyor belt all you can eat sushi in my country - here, you receive forms with names of all the food that's available, and you can order food in 5 rounds, and it's always 5 choices per person per round. Plus there's a fried buffet where you can get food unlimitedly and actually, the fried food was much better than the sushi.

Anyways, as for what I wore:

Dress: eBay, Hong Kong
Blouse: eBay, second hand, ? brand
Belt: Colosseum, Germany
Flower: DIY
Shoes: inherited 
Jacket: Tally Weijl
Bag: Deichmann


And the food:

And a funny van I saw one day near CIUP:

Yours truly


  1. Oh wow that looks so delicious you make me hungry, really lovely outfit.


  2. Wow you look so, so sweet in that outfit! I love how you added the red belt to it- such a perfect detail! :)
    And, man, I love sushi! Especially home made sushi as you can add whatever you want!

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  3. This is such a classy and beautiful outfit. It is so well put together and I love it. Sushi is one of my favourite foods. I love the sushi place up the road from my apartment complex.

  4. Mňaaaam, stejně bych si to sushi hned dala, akorát ten zázvor by mě štval :/ Jednou se mi stalo že jsem dostala sushi bez wasabi i zázvoru, ale naštěstí na ně jen zapomněli - když jsem se zeptala, hned mi je donesli :D
    A jako vždy Ti to mooc sluší :) Akorát ta délka a tvar vlasů mi u Tebe už přijde nějak zvláštní :D

  5. Cheese sushi?? How odd! Also, is that fried sushi?