Les Journées du Patrimoine 2013, Samedi - Le Senat, Technoparade, Shakespeare and Company and the FIPDes Crepes + Movies Night

This Saturday (way back in September) was packed with events - it was really hard to choose which monument we'll visit for the Heritage Day and in the end we opted for the Senate, since it's only open on this weekend! But when we finally arrived in front of the building, one of our non-FIPDes friends received a message there was the Technoparade happening on the other side of Paris, so we dicded to try to do both!

My OoTD - very techno-inappropriate and boring compared to the party monsters there!
Skirt: H&M
Shirt: second hand, Tokyo
Cardigan: Zara + DIY
Jacket: Tally Weijl
Backpack: off brand, Tokyo
Shoes: La Halle aux Chaussures, Angers
Scarf: Colosseum, Germany

The technoparade took place near Bastille - it was insane. I don't normally listen to techno, but the music was dance/club/trance in general, so I liked it. The atmosphere was amazing, everybody was dancing, laughing, hugging, climbing fences and traffic lights and the costumes and make-up of many kids would put Harajuku street snaps to shame. Now I really regret I didn't ask the best dressed girls (and boys) to pose for me!

Chrisant posing with out lunch - Churros!

This is true worldwide! =D


BTW, the pictures that have better composition, are less blurry and have better colors are always from Gerald (yes, a lame way to credit him)

Well, for Senat - it's yet another beautiful, OTT palace in Paris:

Home, sweet home:

Me: @munch munch@

Hamster-like cheeks:

Shakespeare and co. - the most charismatic bookshop in Paris, it would be the most perfect hideaway if the tourists didn't sometimes fill the shop so that new people can't even enter!

Haha, Gerald!

And the crepes-night!

Yours truly


  1. Wow, thank you for all those awesome pictures! I'm french (almost parisian) and I never had the occasion to visit Le Sénat and your pictures makes me feel like I was there too!

    1. Thank you! I'm happy that you liked the pictures <3

  2. Wow the architecture is so, so beautiful! I would love to visit those places!
    And I adore your skirt, the color is very pretty! I am wearing burgundy a lot this season! :)

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  3. Nádhera a hlavně to vypadá, že jste se skvěle bavili :)

  4. u look so sweet & cute with bangs and hair all down <3


    1. Thank you! I like my bangs too, but my boyfriend hates them. =D