Les Pedzouilles de Versailles

FIPDes goes to Versailles - brace yourselfs. 

We decided to visit the gardens of Versailles during the weekend of les journées du patrimoine, because it was great weather for a stroll in a park. The queue for the castle was crazy, thank god buying tickets for the gardens (6.50 E - students) took much less time.

Before I switch to describing how we got confused and started thinking we own the place (especially certain Filipinos), here are some funny facts about the gardens!

1) The park and gardens took 40 years to be built. 
2) Totally Spies (yes, that tacky kids' cartoon) is having a collaboration with Versailles (eh...).
3) Versailles is sometimes mentioned as a haunted place... though it's hard to imagine something more scary than the crowds of tourists and us.  
4) Giuseppe Penone is currently disfiguring beautifying the landscape with his contemporary art.
5) The production staff of Marie Antoinette movie had full access to the whole area to shoot the movie.

As you can see, in the morning, the weather was really nice, but in the evening, the ghosts of all the tourists who died from bladder bursting while waiting in the queues for toilets gathered and beclouded the sky with their malevolent energy. The dark sky actually made the view even better, I'm not sure if it's just me, but I love how the green of grass and plants stands against the steel grey sky. 

A little 360° Versailles panorama:

Of course, we took lots of pictures. Actually, that was what we spent most of the time doing (when we weren't queuing up for something).

We became sort of obsessed with benches - whenever we saw one, all of us started running towards it, which usually made the people sitting there run away with fear. If it didn't work, we just literally butted in. And then we took a picture to commemorate our victory.

Gerald trying to blend in with the bushes.

Hi, I'm Marie Antoinette's twin. Ehm, sister. Well, distant cousin. Actually, a kindergarten friend. OK, maybe I could be her maid if I ask nicely.

Cinderella and her evil stepsisters, plucking out her hair.

FIPDes careers: Garden dwarfs. 100 E/piece. Gerald is 50% off.

Gerald: It will look really cool if I pretend I'm reading by the lake here... Does anyone have a book?
Everybody: No. (>_<)
Gerald: OK, I'll just pretend the tablet is a book.

Let them eat overpriced pizza!

Deeelicious pizza for sale! Limited Versailles edition! 10 E only!

I was still hungry though, so I proceeded to munch on the Versailles vegetation.

Another bench we conquered successfully.

Colonnade Grove:

Encelade Grove:

And then we were scouted by this super famous modeling agency and starred in the autumn editorial for Vogue. And then we crept on the lawn to take lots of very fake-looking, posed pictures.

Behind the scenes:

Ballroom Grove:

A bit too slippery to dance if you ask me...

The fountain decided I needed a shower...

If they throw you out of the door, go back through the window!

Stairs - even better than benches.

Many photos stolen from Gerald and Sarabjit <3

Yours truly


  1. I love the spontaneous look on your photos (: some of the statues we have some very similar here in a garden of a palace (: i loved this (:

  2. aaaaa ty fotky s Geraldem (VOGUE fotky) jsou perfektnííí :-D . Ty jsi vždycky a všude moc hezky oblečená :-) a závidím tenhle výlet do Versailles, můj sen (i když jsem v Paříži už byla, ale nešla jsem tam eeee :-( škooda )

    už se těším na další příval skvělých fotek ^^

    1. Děkuju(eme) <3 Versailles je sice krásné, ale přelidněné turisty - Fontainebleau je mnohem klidnější a taky nádherné :)

  3. omg~ So many fun pictures! I want to go to Paris with my boyfriend too~~ Love your outfit as well! Are you in England nowadays, or back in Paris? Gah I want to live in europe!


    1. Thank you, you should totally come visit! I'm in Paris until Jan, then I move to Ireland. :)

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  5. WOW! That garden looks so, so amazing! I would love to take a walk in it! :)


  6. Wow, your pics have convinced me i need to see these gardens for myself !