First day at AgroParisTech + OOTD + LOTD

It would have been amazing to spend 6 months in Paris just sightseeing, partying and hanging out with my new friends, but we actually came here to study, and so we had to go to our part of APT - the campus in Massy. We have our own classroom, quite distant from the main hustle and bustle of French students, the cafeteria and snack machines, and actually even from toilets, because to go there, we need to either exist the building or go through a couple of other classrooms. The style is neither modern nor historic and the whole thing looks like a high school, I can't help it. It's very different from the old buildings of the Charles' uni, or from the modern buildings ICT has, and especially from the magical Hongo campus of Todai.

The main entrance:

The school cafeteria:

The caf is amazing though - lunch is 3.15 E and includes free tap water, a piece of bread, an entrée, a main dish (and you can have side dishes combined hald and half) and a dessert. Since I quite like the food there, I may post the LOTD - Lunch Of The Day pics together with my outfit of the day.

I was persuaded to keep my bangs outta my forehead, but I don't really like the style, I think it makes me look weird. >___< Credit for the pics goes to Anette, who has been patiently volunteering as my personal photographer (much more convenient than photographer boyfriend, since I don't have to cook for her or do her laundry).

Dress: eBay
Skirt: off brand, Yoyogi flea market (Tokyo)
Jacket: Tally Weijl (Germany)
Hair clips: I Am
Bag: Deichmann
Shoes: Halle aux Chaussures

OK, I really HATE my face in this picture, but it's the only one where you can see the outfit and hairstyle, hence I'm posting it. At least you can see that I'm no beauty IRL. orz

And the proof of how hard we studied before passing out:

Another day:

Macaron from the bakery that's on the way to APT:

Skirt: ETC, Closet Child, Tokyo
Cutsew: second hand, Tokyo
Knit: second hand
Scarf: gift
Jacket: H&M
Brooch: DIY
Headband: Vietnamese shop
Bag: l'Intemporelle, Angers
Shoes: La Halle aux Chaussures, Angers

Pics by Anette

Yours truly


  1. Your outfits are as adorable as ever! :) I like the first outfit's burgundy skirt! I am obsessed with that color this season! :D
    And that definitely looks like a really great cafeteria, I wish my University had something similar!


  2. Dík za ty tuny obrázků, co sem dáváš!

  3. I love it the dress really cute outfits dear, the food looks delicious!


  4. I actually like the bangs on the side, maybe because the clips are so pretty. Also, I love that pink skirt. Is the ruffle just a layer, or another skirt underneath?