Memory of Prague - Natsucon 2013

About halfway through my short stay in Prague (between Tokyo and Paris), I had two lectures at a Japanese summer con with the befitting name Natsucon. I also participated in the gosu rori runway, representing the casual style. I only visited the con on Saturday (when both of my lectures and the catwalk took place), because I was busy with preparations for FIPDes, but it was still very enjoyable. I had to wake up really early to do my hair (I did a little hair bow and a messy updo), make up and pack everything I needed for the day.

In the morning, before mock catwalk:

My first lecture was about Japanese (and Korean) cosmetics - I talked about the modern Japanese beauty ideal, while concentrating on the paleness. Then I presented the usual skin care routine, famous popular, and weird brands and products, some trendy ingredients and in the end, I dragged two victims volunteers on stage to do a little demonstration. Czech readers (or those who enjoy reading the nonsense google translator spits out), here and here are two reports mentioning my lecture. Pics are stolen from Shana, who was the person persuading me to participate. :)

Then I had to go prepare for the runway, which I think was pretty good - I was representing the casual style, not to mention that I don't wear the fashion anymore - but all the other girls looked like living dolls, they looked amazingly beautiful.

Behind the scenes by Shana:

From the actual runway, from Natsucon's website:

And then I had to change into my outfit for my second lecture, which I named Traditional clothing worn non-traditionally - I talked a bit about the history of kimono and yukata and then concentrated on how do young Japanese fashionistas were their traditional gear.

Some cell phone selfies:

With my friends - it was really nice to meet people I haven't seen - and won't see - in a while:

My friend's BJD - I went to see a couple of other people's lectures, all of them were really nice. In general, I really liked this con.

And the whole outfit I wore:

Yours truly


  1. Such a pretty Japanese flair, my dear Vita.

  2. I love everything about this look and these beautiful photos.

  3. It's a small world. I only stopped by on Friday, so I missed your lectures, but I hope we can meet sometime soon. Will you be coming to the Czech Republic for any cons while studying in Paris? Maybe next summer?

    Ah, right! I wonder if you even remember me... We went to the same school for two years, before I left to the US and then you transferred to a better one. ^^

    1. Oh, WOW! Didn't expect to meet old acquaintances here! I replied on your blog!

  4. So pretty.....love the flowers in your hair too! p.s. love you to check out my blog xx

  5. u look super super kawaii! i really like the first photo as u look so pretty & cute :)


  6. Wow, you look gorgeous :) The first outfit is soo cute and the second is really interesting. :) And the flowers in your hair :3