Ueno and Odaiba no. 2

In Ueno, there is one of the Mode Off outlets, where you can get the cutest clothes for ridiculous prices. I got my Liz Lisa dream coat for 4000 Yen, and a cute blouse for 500.

The shoes seemed to be second hand, and they were really small (up to EU size 37.5)

1000 Yen, not very flattering:

The Mode Off map of doom - Juliette swore to schedule all of her future trips into Mode Off areas.

Spicy beef my roomie brought from Sichuan. It was so delicious! *_____*

Crackers I made from flour, salt and water.

Odaiba - poster of the Tokyo Trick Art Museum (where we didn't go).

Fuji TV

Diver City Mall

Do you remember when I said I would never ever buy more make-up until all of my supplies are gone? Well, I couldn't help myself. A set of make-up bag, headband, BB cream, blush and lipstick for 3000 Yen, not to mention the shop assistant was incredibly sweet (let me try on all of the products) and had beautiful make-up.

Looking guilty. A little bit.

Gosh, if I had any money and luggage space left, I would have bought every single thing in this shop.


 Venice-style mall

Toyota center:



Is it KotaKoti?

Ooedo Onsen Monigatari II - we could not resist

Yours truly


  1. A giant robot in the middle of the street, how amazing is that? :P

    1. It was totally amazing - and I'm not even a fan of the anime. :)