Kamakura, Shimokitazawa, Maid Cafe

One of our biggest trips (at least when it came to distance from Tokyo and the number of people) was to Kamakura. To Jacob's utmost happiness, we were joined by his roommate and also his colleague from lab (both male, so the testosterone:estrogen levels became more balanced).

Cute train:

Shopping street:

Going to a temple:

I happily got a fortune, opened it and... it was Dai-kyo! The worst luck! Usually, it's pretty unusual to draw one, but during the duration of UTRIP, me, Danzi and Jacob's labmate all got it - I wonder if they increased the number of them. TT_______TT In general, it's not that horrible - I did go through a break up a couple of days later, but the rest seems fairly mild. I'm making sure to listen to the advice of my seniors from the MSc though. =D

And here is the place where we put the fortunes afterwards - I certainly hope mine won't come true.

Something for you, Sara!

Enoshima - beach and island. Jacob has gorgeous pictures of the place at night, I have to get them from him.

Turning the omelets is not as easy as it seems, but I managed. 

Finally got this Cinnamonroll snack!


Shimokitazawa is THE place for second hand shoppers and vintage lovers. Just be prepared it's mostly American/European style. There are also tons of cheap off-brand and outlet stores having Japanese fashion, so it's still worth a visit. The whole area is divided into 4 parts by 2 train rails, and all of them are worth visiting. 

1000 Yen each, but I thought it was expensive and didn't buy them.

Maid cafe

To celebrate my B-day, we went to Maidreamin. Overall, it was enjoyable and the maids were sweet, but what kind of disappointed me was that they forgot to give us the keychain that was part of a menu we got and even though we happened to stay longer, they rushed us out kind of non very nicely in the end (in a way, we were slow because they served us the food fairly late too).

But, it was an amazing evening, because all of my new Tokyo friends were super sweet to me <3

Yours truly


  1. ach ty sekáče ♥ a Totoro ♥ ...krásnéé fotky a zážitky

  2. To jo, zážitků mám tři pytle, bylo to neuvěřitelný <3

  3. Awww, to je všechno tak nádherné, chtěla bych alespoň polovinu z toho vidět někdy na vlastní oči :) Ten Totoro, chrám, "štěstíčko" a ty kawaii dezerty <3

  4. AWWWWWW I am a huge totoro fan so the first photos made me so so happy (: