Haneda airport and shopping

My journey to Haneda was pure hell. I dropped my (overweight) luggage down the stairs at the Iidabashi station, the zipper ripped, there was no direct train for Haneda from Nihonbashi, I had to pay 6000 Yen and get rid of 4 kg of magazines at the airport, I couldn't return my Suica as the counter was already closed and I almost died from thirst. At one point, I just started crying. Thanks to duty free shops, I managed to remain sane. If I was in a better state, I would have probably appreciate the decoration of the airport - but I was just too tired, sad to leave Tokyo, torn apart by my recent nasty break-up, and feeling guilty about hvaing so much stuff I had to throw things away. Gradually, I got better during the flight and thanks to my family that prepared me the sweetest welcome, I was fine by the time we got home. :)



Yours truly

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