Shinjuku - Bunka Gakuen, Metropolitan Government Building, Can Do 100 Yen Store, Shin-Okubo (Korean Town)

Our first goal was to reach the Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum and college. We went to Shinjuku (since it is on Chuo line) and then walked for about 15 minutes.

Actually, it was forbidden to take pictures inside the museum - but it was slightly disappointing. We thought we'd see some huge exhibition about fashion in Japan, but all there was were 2 rooms, one with example outfits of each period/year (from 50s to 2013) and the other with cover of So En magazine. Apparently, it used to come with patterns, but not anymore. It was interesting to see how the trend in magazine covers change just like fashion and also how many models from the 70s/80s would be considered pretty unattractive today.

But then we saw the college and there it was completely OK to take photos, and so I did. We saw several designs made by the students, some of them apparently walked down the runway they held at the beginning of July, then there were also fashion sketches, which I thought were super pretty. I wonder if it was right before application time, because there were many high school kids with their parents.

Then we headed for the Metropolitan Government Building, because it's the only sightseeing spot for observing Tokyo from above that has free entrance - both Tokyo Tower and Skytree are a bit on the expensive side. The southern tower is said to have better view (and also slightly longer queues for lifts), so we chose this one. I'm not sure if the view is actually better, because we didn't go to the Northern one, but the scenery was very nice, even though it was fairly smoggy and cloudy.

BTW, I decided to wear my new Liz Lisa lucky pack dress. ^^


Then we decided to walk to Shin-okubo and we found Can Do 100 Yen store on the way. Compared to the Daiso in Iidabashi, this one has much better selection of souvenirs, cosmetics (even carrying brands like Kokubo), kitchenware and crafts. It's generally more fancy and cute I think and you can find really good deals there. I even saw pretty plastic umbrellas with lace pattern for 100 Yen, and they had tons of cute accessories.

Uhm OK, this stuff is actually from Daiso, lol - I got forms for chocolates, false lashes and nail deco.

In Can Do, I got cute zippers (with key and bow charms), whipped cream and macarons for deco den, Kokubo Foot Pad Healer and a cute book about styling bento boxes.

After satisfying our 100 Yen shopping craving, we continued our journey to K-town.

And then we found it. A crazy maze of k-pop idols, restaurants, k-pop, cosmetics, supermarkets, Don Quijote, Japanese, Koreans and tourists.

The stores differ in prices a lot - one has the cheapest Etude House hand cream, another one has Tony Moly lipsticks on sale, and yet another one sells value sets. 

If there's anything that has the potential to beat Japanese food, it may be Korean food. I especially love the pickles and little fish. 

A very expensive restaurant, where we didn't go.

Concert place - I'm tempted to go.

A restaurant where we didn't eat because the waiter was slow and it was very smoker-friendly.

And the restaurant where we actually ate. I drank most of the Soju bottle by myself, as my roomie had barely two sips. I didn't have problems with walking straight, but I don't think I would have pulled off two bottles. There were some appetizers too. 

And then the main dishes - some sort of chicken brooth and a pot with noodles, sausages and tofu in spicy sauce. It was yummy.

Certainly one of the best cosmetic shops there - I got a Tony Moly lipstick for under 500 Yen, lip gloss for 300 Yen and Wonderpore trial set for 500 Yen and neutral eye shadow for 400 Yen:

We got some cheap veggies and mushrooms, sweets, tea, chips and Dream High mango chocolate.


These were super disgusting:

The Shiseido powder was 300 Yen  in the locla Don Quijote, but a couple pf days later, we saw it for 250 Yen in Musashi-Koganei.

Yours truly


  1. *_______* Já tam chci taky...

    Ty návrhy jsou boží.

    1. To byly, nevěděla jsem, co dřív fotit. =D

  2. Ha, paradoxně ti zatím z celé návštěvy Japonska nejvíce závidím nakupování v korejských obchodech :D

    1. =D Ono tam bylo v podstatě jen jídlo, kosmetika a fanouškovské věci, ale je fakt, že to vyšlo mnohem levněji než nakupování přes net.

  3. slintám a závidím u každé fotky!!! Moc mě tvé příspěvky baví :)

  4. Wow this is just like I though Japan would be!

    First, I am not a fashion girl but I do love those drawings! There are some amazing ideas there! And the zippers with the lucky charms are amazing! I want them here too so I can spend all of my money in them! XD
    And the rabbit outside the store sure looks like it came out of Alice in wonderland!

    1. I loved the drawing as well, they were so pretty! I am really happy you enjoyed my posts from Japan :)