Odaiba - Miraikan, Ooedo Onsen Monogatari, Rainbow Bridge + Randomness

I'll give you a piece of good advice - do not attempt to go to Odaiba by bus from Toyosu. Take the train/subway. If you're feeling suicidal, then the bus for Odaiba does not leave from the huge bus station where everyone will send you, but from a teeny tiny stop across the street, the line is called "sea01" (sea is written in kanji). But trust me, it's not worth saving 80 Yen as it will cost you 10 years of your life.

The ferris wheel I sadly didn't have the chance to go to.

We went to Miraikan - the museum of emerging science and innovation - first thing after arriving there. Right next to it, there's a cosplay center, so we saw tons of kids dressed up as anime characters taking pictures of each other. 


Random wall:

tRNA - a molecule that participates in protein synthesis.


Signatures on a space module:

Not sure - wither something that is related to earthquakes or geology.


We were lucky enough to see the Asimo show - the robot (Asimo) walked on the stage, talked, kicked a ball, danced, bowed, run etc. It was really cool.

Once more ad a GIF - but I didn't manage to rotate it.

Something that observed us and changed how we looked in the picture - from heat detection to this contour painting.

A very creepy robot. It would blink its eyes every now and then. It had a show as well, but we didn't want to wait 2 hours for it.

Even creepier robots. These are so-called nodding robots. They can react to changes in speech and nod when it's appropriate. Supposedly, if they're present in class, teacher thinks the students listen more carefully (as he sees nodding) and students tend to listen more, because there are people nodding around (= people paying attention). I'm not so sure about that, I think that if I saw their hollow eyes and scary-doll-like features in my class, they would creep the hell outta me.  

Robot that looked like a mechanical centipede.

Telecom center:

And then we headed to Ooedo Onsen Monogatari - one of the best (and tackiest) onsen in Tokyo. 

You get to choose your own yukata and obi to wear inside. However, you don't always get what you ask for. I asked for design 5, size L. I got design 4, size LL instead. >.<

There are women's baths, men's baths, foot bath (mixed) and an entertainment district with restaurants, arcades, fortunetellers, souvenir shops and automats (mixed).

The restaurants are on the slightly more expensive side - 8 pieces of sushi for 950 Yen.

Two pieces of microwaved hot dogs for 350 Yen (hey, I was really hungry and 4 pieces of sushi didn't help!)

Foot bath:

Melon popsicle:

Cute candy:

Rainbow bridge:

The ferris wheel:

Some discounted bentos, bananas, strawberry bread and sandwiches. 

Which fell victim to our breakfast.

An outfit:

Dinner from stuff bought at Korea town, I love the little fish and the pickles:

Dream High mango chocolate:


Drugstore and 100 Yen store haul:


Foaming net:

Mascara remover:

One more outfit:

Yours truly,

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