Utrip Reception, Outfits, Food, Tokyo at Night

We had an official UTRIP reception some time ago - it was basically a fancy buffet dinner, where the dean, the sponsors and the staff at the ILO office had speeches and we introduced ourselves to them. The food was amazing, I especially appreciated the fruits and vegetables, because those are really expensive in Tokyo. If you're lucky, you might find a couple of cheaper things here and there, but it's nowhere near the tomatoes for 200 Yen/kg we have in the Czech Republic.

Here's a random dinner we had - tofu, salad, octopus with peppers in sour sauce.

And a random breakfast - in Maruetsu Petit, they have bread and other bakery-ish things for half price after 21-something, so we often get sweet cakes for breakfast. We got some pickled fruits in hanamasa in Iidabashi (yes, there's one fairly close to the hotel) and bought some bean pudding.

Ehm, a random outfit - Todai campus is really busy, so taking outfit pictures was so embarrassing I decided not to do it again. >.<

Another dinner - chicken with peppers, pickled cucumbers and mushrooms. 

A not-so-pretty tamagoyaki (it was harder with a round pan than I expected), buns with sweet bean filling and pickled mikan.

One of my fave outfits - I layered a top over a dress and used a hair clip as a bow on the neckline.

My roommate getting ready behind me. =D

At 100 Yen stores, there are super nice nail decals. I got these in the Daiso in Iidabashi.

Sweet corn soup (which I love), buns, fruits, dango - one of our breakfasts.

My outfit for the reception. BTW, we were required to wear our name tags. So I thought I'd be smart and leave it in the office of my lab so that I can't forget it at home. Right, the only problem was that when I arrived at the classroom where we have afternoon seminars, I realized I left it at the office. Well, I run back, got my tag and only when I got back to the classroom, I realized I left my make-up bag in the office. orz

View from the place where the dinner took place - it was the top floor of a hospital O_o.

The room

My colleague from the lab and me :)

And night view from the hospital.

Yours truly


  1. Your pictures reminded me about nail decals. I've seen some great nail art out of Japan--and they go hardcore, with crystals and small hello kitties and dangly jewels! I really like the top over a dress look; that's one of my favorite layering combos.



    1. I haven't seen much of those in the streets, but magazines are full of OTT nail art. :) And thank you <3

  2. Awee you and your pretty outfits! I like them all, honestly! :) Such a doll!


  3. These photos are really great and the food looks nice too. I love your outfits. This style is nice on you.

  4. Hi Vita! Well I have finally had some time for myself and the first thing I did was to check out your trip to Japan, I was very anxious to see this! I love your head piece! and the foooddddd omg I adore the food you are making me hungryyyyy