Ueno - Zoo and Shopping

We got some half-price mochi at Donkihote the day before :)

And then we headed to Ueno - there was a café with super cute... cakes? It looked like toast bread, but I suppose it must have been a waffle-like dough...

At the beginning of the Uneo park, we designated our meeting place - by the spitting frog.

And then we split up - my roomie went to the museums and I headed to the Zoo. Since I'm a molecular biologist, don't expect me to talk about the animals. I just photographed whatever was cute and cooperated.

There's a gorgeous pagoda in the Zoo too, but it was really hard to photograph since it was against the sun.

When I saw the first panda lying in a way that made it hard to even distinguish the head from the butt, I almost gave up - but then I got lucky with the other bear - so pardon the panda spam.

Just how cute is the gorilla baby? It is sucking on its mom's toe. @(*^ェ^)@

There's also a  cableway between the two parts of the zoo! One journey is 150 Yen for an adult, so I took it.

A naked rat - can't decide if it's cute or ugly. Or so ugly it's actually cute.

Like a boss ∩(︶▽︶)∩

These cute babies were only in pictures - so I took photos of the photos.

My panda-pancake lunch! It was so cute, I couldn't resist. 。◕‿◕。

After leaving the Zoo, I still had some time before meeting up with Louise, so I took a stroll in the Ueno park and I saw a very weird flea market.

And a guy with a trained ape. Not sure the animal liked it. (>_<)

And I also did some shopping in the crazy shopping back streets - it looked like a giant, noisy marketplace.

Didn't buy this one, since it's super easy to DIY.

There was a 100 Yen shop, so I got cooking chopsticks and some gifts.

 Weird dried fish etc. for my uncle - he likes weird food.


Yours truly


  1. What a wonderful and colourful blog post! The adventure looks like a lot of fun, thank you for sharing it. Hope all future journeys go well!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I hope so as well, since I seem to have a lot of traveling ahead of me :)

  2. I really like this post. I love to look at all those photos. :)

  3. Zase ty rozkošné dezerty.. Chjooo já chci ať se u nás dělají taky takovéé :D

  4. Ok you just gave me a huge cute overload! I loveeeee pandas! did you see red pandas? (: