Harajuku - Yoyogi Flea Market, Takeshita Dori and Shibuya + Yokohama Shopping

The chicken from Maruetsu had really thick chewy skin :/

I had no idea that big JR stops have their own stamps! Isn't it really cute? I know this is starting to sound repetitive, but my collection of stamps was left behind at Haneda as well TT____TT.

Maria-san helped me inquire as to whether the flea market takes place or not. She said she thought it did, but she was not too sure. Juliette found out there was another flea market nearby, so we went there first - and there was none. It took us one more hour and about 5 interrogations of random Japanese people that looked hip and alternative enough to know about flea markets to arrive there. Apparently, there was also a gathering of idol fan clubs, hence tons of teenage girls in costumes.

There was an overcrowded Thai market that day as well - it basically meant there was a lot of weird smell from the food stalls, long queues and a very tiny flea market engulfed by all this Thai mess.

I got these, 300 Yen each:

Since the flea market was really small, we headed back to Harajuku. We checked out a used yukata shop, Jacob hoped he could find a yukata, but he was waaay too tall. Then we split up - me and Jacob went to the Takeshita street (I had a couple of things I wanted to buy that I saw before) and Jacob hoped to find some cool menswear. I was way luckier than he was, though.

Do you see the crowd? In-sane!

Cat heads, rabbit heads... To be a model in Japan, you don't even need to be human.

Bodyline had a sale (not sure if they marked the items down at the cashier, because everything looked pretty expensive), so the queues were about 50 girls long. I wanted to buy a pair of tights, but I couldn't find the price for them and I didn't want to keep Jacob waiting for 2 hours, so I passed on them.


I finally got Bihada Ichizoku and Creer Beauté masks at the Matsumoto Kiyoshi drugstore - I only saw them here and in Ginza. 

This is really embarrassing, but I couldn't find the entrance of Tokyo Alice. So I only went to Closet Child. I planned to get an umbrella and take a look at the clothes. They had no foldable umbrellas and most of the dresses were freakin' expensive, but I managed to find an Emily Temple Skirt that was gorgeous and very wearable, only for 1800 Yen! 

 I also got an off-brand back pack, because I don't want to kill my back by carrying my laptop in a handbag all the time.

I saw new Liz Lisa lucky packs and couldn't resist. When I entered the shop, there was apparently some time sale going on, because there were dozens of squeaking middle and high school girls fighting for clothes one of the shop assistants was throwing into the crowd (they were not free, if you hoped for that). It made my head hurt, because the kids made noises like pigs before slaughter. There were a couple of moms waiting nearby - they should have slapped their daughters for their behavior instead of buying them clothes that's certainly not appropriate for children. I mean, I've always considered Liz Lisa to be mainly for college girls - maybe end of high school. The skirts are super short, not to mention shorts, and blouses are often fitted and see through. So, kids, you shouldn't have even be there. Anyways, becoming half-deaf was totally worth it:

The zipper is really short, so putting them on is kinda hard, but other than that, they fit mi like a glove!

I was worried the blouse was going to be a bit nightgown-like, but it's actually really nice and the pale dusty pink color goes with most of my closet.

The fabric of this one is gorgeous, the shape is a bit maternity wear - but that's why we have belts.

LaForet Harajuku had a big summer sale, so it was crazy outside. I got a swimmer hang luggage for 750 Yen though!

Then I headed to Shibuya on foot, I bought a drink at the supermarket and there was a free bottle sleeve with it!

Random skeleton:

The Laduréé collection at Uniqlo - but it was good I waited for a bit more and didn't buy anything there.

A 300 Yen shop - not recommended, the stuff is not better than 100 Yen shops, just more expensive.

Funny stairs in Tokyu Hands:

Mandarake - I got a GLB 48 back issue which I sadly had to leave behind as well.

Discounted clip-ons from Claire's

 And Yokohama Daiso stuff:

Handbag handles - 100 Yen each!!!

These are usually like 10 USD/piece - guess what? These were 100 Yen!

Race zipper - For 100 Yen/3, I don't even mind the Engrish. The tapes are from fabric and would make great gifts.

Fabric for my mum.

Got this bottle t bring to France with me - I think it's really practical and cute.

Individual lashes and foaming nets.

Paper organizer:

Socks and a hair tie:

Tea and rice colouring:

Sankeien stuff:

China Town tea - Litchi and Rose, 100 Yen each!

Chinese sweets I brought back for my lab:

Yours truly