Glasses Hunt

Too bad this outfit is even less photogenic than I am. The dress is a pale shade of grey, while the cardigan is very light lavender - but on the picture, everythng looks like fifty shades of grey, including the sky. Prague was hit by the rainy season, so it is probably going to be a real pain to take outfit pictures in the following days (or worse, weeks). Ah, don't mind the dog, it was circling around me the whole time.
While walking through the campus, some passing creep commented on my "sexy legs" - which my brain translates as "too curvy, gotta get thinner". Which is pretty hard, because first of all, I put back on the 0.5 kg I lost two weeks ago (due to not sticking to my regime orz), and second, my calves are kinda muscular already (you can actually see that especially when I'm wearing heels TT___TT), so I'd have to get rid of muscles for them to get thinner >.<

Dress: Orsay (someplace in Germany)
Cardigan: Orsay (Dresden)
Brooch: Gift from Ketmara <3
Belt: second hand
Bag: Carpisa (someplace in Italy)
Socks: "DIY" lace white socks and grey polka dot socks from M&S

I'm not particularly proud of the make-up I did, so no detailed shots today. I feel like pink-purple combo is not really my thing... Also, I hate how the camera makes my nose look huge, though it's normal-sized IRL. >.<

After lectures, I dragged my mum as an advisor for finding the perfect glasses for me. The problem was, I wanted huge black retro frames (which my brother calls retarded tween glasses). My mum wanted to make me look like a rich 30+ manager. In the end, we managed to find a compromise and I promise to show you my new glasses as soon as I pick them up from the optician. They're pink and pretty lovely I think, so I'm quite happy about the purchase. They weren't that expensive either.

And on my way to meet up with my mum, I checked two Textile House second hand shops, and I gotta brag:

Japanese H&M Dress in 34, 60 CZK (2.5 E/3.25 USD)
Just how awesome is it? My size, my color, and even kinda Vita-style!

 H&M Blouse in 36, fake silk, same price
I plan to sew some venice lace and maybe rhinestones on the collar to make it more interesting.

Off brand skirt, unknown size, same price
I know, it's pleated, yellow, from the cheapest material you could find and it is even a bit bigger than I need, but I couldn't resist. I think it might look good with some girly outfits for the summer time.

I actually didn't buy this shrug by Orsay, it was the perfect size, and it looked really expensive, but I don't really have use for this sort of clothes.

 Pimkie blouse, unknown size, 50 CZK (2 E/2.5 USD)
This was a lucky find - I was browsing the clothes when I noticed that the shop assistants were preparing a "new clothes" rack. You should have seen the women - they flocked to the rack like wasps to a lollipop. I saw something that looked like it had white polka dots, so I managed to extend my hand Saxana-style and snatch the hanger. It's actually white rabbits, not polka dots - so the level of cuteness is even higher than I hoped. (See, in the mirror photos, my nose actually looks normal >.> Maybe I should take all of my portraits via a mirror?)

Lastly, I saw these cute key chains, so I'll make some and post a tutorial sometime in the future (well, they're so easy you might not even need a tutorial though). <3

Yours truly


  1. Skvělé úlovky - zvláště ty šaty jsou nádherné a moc ti sluší :)

  2. Krásný outfit a úžasné úlovky!

  3. AHAHAHA now you are making me want to go to H&M to do some shopping XD I love the skirt! (: here it's so warm, it is weird to see you with a jacket! XD have a great weekend dear! Can't wait to see the new glasses!

  4. Oh really beautiful photograhs!
    All the outfits are really cute!


  5. Don't worry about what that guy said, I think your legs look fine! I'm also trying to slim down for summer and my problem area is my upper arms :( By the way, I love that bunny print top--I think H&M had a whole line of rabbit themed clothing a few years ago and I bought a dress in a similar print.



  6. Tu poznámku od toho kluka sis vyložila určitě špatně, vždyť máš hezká, štíhlá lýtka! Možná jediná věc je to, že ty vysoké ponožky dělají nožku méně elegantní, ale že bys v tom vypadala tlustě, tak to ani náhodou :D Ať tě to ani nenapadne, nepotřebuješ hubnout, moc ti to takhle sluší. Ty úlovky jsou super!

  7. so cute! love the yellow skirt :)