Gift Packing Idea: Macarons

All you need is a sheer plastic box (I used Mon Cheri one) and a decorative sticker or paper. I mean, there's no need to bother with removing the original sticker - just glue yours over it.

And arrange the macarons nicely - I did a checkboard pattern. Sadly, I still haven't mastered the art of macaron baking, so this time, the dough's consistency wasn't good either and the macarons stayed too flat. The taste was just right though. I went for vanilla and strawberry this time. ^____^


Yours truly


  1. Excelent! I also upcycle old chocolate boxes to serve as gift packaging in the future! This is very beautifull! Happy macararons!

  2. It's a very nice idea. I really love the packaging and i love macarons so much.
    J'adore les macarons et j'en mange souvent.

  3. The idea is super great, I like how sweet the box is at the end!

  4. To je nádhera.. DO příštích Vánoc se to musím naučit.. Minule jsem kamarádům donesla zabalené matcha kuličky (aby se neřeklo a alespoň něco dostali):P ..a letos by byly fajn ty makronky.