Biomach Essay Competition and Randomness

Above: a photo from the essay competition result announcement (the co-organizer who took this picture is pretty good, isn't he? We all looked like decent human beings, though I erased the faces of the other people, as I suppose not everyone would be thrilled to be stared at by you guys here).
I won one of THE molbio bibles and some geeky stuff (like uni Ts etc.) And I came late because I was trying on one of the most amazing dresses I've ever seen - it was only 145 CZK (not even 6 E) in a second hand shop. Obviously, I feel bad for being late as it was pretty rude, but the feeling of guilt is slightly eased by the beautiful gown hanging in my closet.

I have to figure out how to set my camera so that it can deal with the lightning - my pics have been way too light since the summer arrived (yeah, this year we went straight from tough winter to hot summer). Anyway, I wore this outfit on a pretty hectic day - I went to uni, to the science popularization contest result announcement, to lunch, shopping and several meet-ups with various people. My feet hurt like hell by the end of the day, lol.

Skirt: second hand, River Island
Top: second hand (Muj Sekac)
Jacket: HM (Angers)
Brooch: DIY
Perl necklace: inherited
Clip ons and headband: I Am
Bag: Carpisa
Pumps: Mixer

I found tips for selca that I thought did wonders - finally I looked like a human being when taking my own pics (I still think I look different IRL though). What do you guys think? Is this sort of angles better, or are you against these "make your eyes look like Bambi on drugs and your chin disappear" photos? I could use some tips for making my nose disappear too (except for photoshop XD), but I guess that can't be helped.

And cell phone pictures:

Me practicing selca:

The campus: 

I'm buying new glasses - what do you think about these? I wanted big, kinda retro frames, but my family hates them. I have an eye on a DKNY model too (gold/bronze with thinner frames and decorated sides).

I love the bento boxes at Chinese restaurants. The only problem is that there's way too much food. Recently, my friend and me started splitting one portion into half for lunch. XD Too bad I ate alone that day.

Yours truly


  1. You don't need photoshop, girl! I think you look great---that ruffle skirt is really cute, and I like how you accessorized your jacket with the flower pin. It's a good thing you blurred out the faces of those other students, because your fashion sense is putting them to shame!



    1. Haha, thanks so much, Brittney! Well I blurred them because I wanted to keep their privacy, and I suppose I came kinda overdressed, since we were told to keep it casual (not to mention it was almost 30 °C that day O_o).

  2. Always so lovely, my dear Vita.

  3. Gratuluju k výhře!~
    Brýle ti moc sluší. Nemyslela bych si, že někomu můžou takové rámky sednout, natož někomu s tak jemným obličejem, ale sednou ti opravdu perfektně :)

    1. Moc děkuju (ale ono se nás účastnilo tak málo, že se nedá ani moc hovořit o úspěchu XD). A uvidím, mám vytipovaných několik různých modelů, tak musím někoho dotáhnout, aby ty optiky oběhal se mnou...

  4. Lovely photos and this outfit is so pretty. These pieces are so great together.
    Un très joli style.

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  6. You look so pretty and elegant! A definitely well put together outfit! :)


  7. Aww, ten bento box záávidíím :P Už se těším až pojedeme na RFP do Hradce Králové.. Každoročně tam totiž chodíme do asijské restaurace a já si pokaždé objednám bento box se sushi, miso polévkou a nějakou tou směsí:)