Cupcakes with White Chocolate, Sour Cherry and Mascarpone Cream


There would be nothing more useless then giving you a recipe for basic cupcakes - there are plenty great ones on the first page google search spits at you. So, choose your favorite basic cupcake recipe and prepare the dough according to it. 

Then cut white chocolate into reasonable pieces and remove pits from the sour cherries.

Pour the dough in the cups until it reaches about 1/3. Then place the chocolate and a cherry in the middle.

Cover with the rest of the dough.

Bake according to the recipe you're using.

Prepare the cream according to my tute in this post. Put a single layer of the cream on the cupcake and decorate with a fresh/candied cherry/sour cherry.

In a future post, I'll give you tutorial for the decorative cups and for cupcake long-distance transport if you want to bring them to someone as a gift. And in another post, I'll show you how to pack macarons in an extremely quick (10 seconds) yet professional-looking way.

Yours truly


  1. When I saw the cupcake I was thinking "OMG SHE CANNOT MAKE THAT!" But the truth is you made this, and it's so professional and amazing!! I cannot believe and with the tutorial it seems so easy! Wonderful Vita, really wonderful this way if you can't find a job in science you can always turn your future to bakery! :D

    This is quite honestly one of the cutest cupcakes I have ever seen!

    1. Haha, thanks a bunch, Sara! TBH, I might actually prefer a food-related career over spending the rest of my life pipetting. :)

  2. I love cupcakes so much. Your cupcakes looks absolutely delicious. I'm so hungry now.
    Love these photos too.
    Très bonne semaine.

  3. Oh wow, it looks beautiful *_* And so delicious <3

  4. Yummy, cupcakes are my favorite mini dessert!! :)


    1. Oh, really? Then I hope you try this variation. :)

  5. i want that cupcake >.< pretty!

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