If I named my posts according to what's ony my mind, they would be called something like "dihydrolipoyl transacetylase". Oh final exam, how much I hate you... Anyway, before the semester ends and I stay holed up in my room, remembering enzyme names and cursing all of my professors, I decided to wear cute outfits while I have the chance. I know that the folded knit and pleated skirt add a couple of pounds to my weight, but I thought it was OK anyway.

I'm wearing a brooch on the headbow and a scarf on my handbag (again). I even went to the trouble of doing matching nails (while reciting enzymes in glycolysis >.<). 

Dress: Atmosphere, second hand
Knit: HM (Dresden)
Belt: second hand
Bag: Deichmann
Scarf: Tie Rack
Pumps: Mixer
Ring: Born to be Pretty
Bracelets: inherited, second hand
Bow: I Am
Brooch: Yves Rocher

An awkward shot of my make-up - I went with purple lipstick and eyeliner and pink eyeshadows.

For my portrait pics, I attempted to smile (don't run away, please XD). I know that people generally say I should smile more in photos since I'd look nicer, but I think that it actually makes me look spiteful and gleeful.  

Here's a better shot of the knit, it sparkled in the sun so you couldn't really see it properly in the whole outfit pictures.

And a "bonus" smile.  

Yours truly biochemistry-hating


  1. This style is very nice on you. Love your skirt and your bag and foulard are so pretty too.
    Un très joli look.

  2. Ahhhh I just love your hair style in this photos! Ahahahahaha now you trully are a biochemistry hatter like me :D

  3. Such a wonderful skirt. It looks even more beautiful on you.
    Those exams will soon be over, my gorgeous Vita.

  4. Adorable combo, my fav is the cute sweater ^^

    Spicy Bananaz

  5. really cute skirt!

    xx fameliquorlove.blogspot.com

  6. Très jolie cette tenue ! J'aime beaucoup le côté noeud très girly et qui te va super bien :)


  7. Oh really cute outfit lovely skirt!
    Now I´m following you in Bloglovin´I hope your follow me back


  8. Thanks so much, guys!/Merci beaucoup <3