RSSA, Days 11&12 (7/11-12/2012)

On 11th, we didn’t have classes in the medical school, but in the pharmacy one. I overslept and had no idea where to go, so as I was sitting at the bus stop, wandering what to do, I noticed bright orange shorts, K.’s recognition sign. Fortunately he knew how to get there and the bus stop where we had to change lines, we actually met the rest of RSSA. This stop was the last one on the river band where our residence was as well and there was quite a nice view on the center on the other side.

This session was about microbiology, so it was a lot closer to my field of study. We had our lunch on the lawn in front of the building and there were big, man-eating French ants everywhere. A. claimed they didn’t bite humans, but that was such a lie. They certainly DID.

On 12th, we had the long-anticipated lecture by Dr Haigis. Why? She came all the way from Harvard University! She talked about sirtuins and cancer and it was really interesting. We also had a lecture about eye and brain, which was cool - the professor explained how eye problems may have connection to brain damage.

I started panicking about not having a good hand luggage for my travel back. So after finishing my baguette (they started getting them from a bakery instead of the uni restaurant, so they were actually really tasty!), I headed to the center where I went to Galleries Lafayette. They had a really pretty bag by Paul and Joe, on sale for 65 E. That’s far from cheap, but I liked it a lot. However, I wasn’t sure if it wasn’t too big, so I wanted to ask someone to measure it for me. It took about 20 minutes for me find someone. I had to wait in the queue until the people in front of me paid, and I somehow decided that I wasn’t going to be able to communicate what I wanted in French and that at Lafayette, they might speak basic English. What a na├»ve thought. The guy spoke pre-school English. He didn’t even understand the simple demand. He said he didn’t know the measurements and obviously getting a measuring tape was too much trouble (come on, they had 3 floors packed with clothes, don’t tell me there wasn’t a measuring tape anywhere?) and when I asked if he thought it was too big for the plane, he said “yes”… “no”. I was really angry, because seriously, I’d expect him to be a bit more helpful when I was about to buy a bag that wasn’t exactly cheap. So I stormed out of there and swore to buy a bag someplace else, because I wouldn’t give my money to someone so mean.
In the afternoon, first half of us gave article presentations. My partner was sick, so we didn’t present. The only horrible thing was that it took too long - we were supposed to finish at 5 but actually finished long after, so it was really difficult to try to pay attention to the last two groups. I think it might have been about 10 presentations? Maybe even more? Quite hard to absorb in 4 hours.
In the evening, by hand luggage hunting quest continued. After spending a lot of time in shops where all the bags were expensive and ugly and where I had to dig out the last remnants of my high school French, I found a shop where all handbags were 50% off and where I found this baby. It cost me 20 E and could even fit my laptop (if you’re curious, it can fit a laptop, 15 magazines, 3 folders of notes, 5 books, 3 boxes of macarons, wallet, cell phone and a cosmetic bag). And it’s soooo cute!

I also bought some more macarons as presents. Two boxes are from the same shop as before, the black box was from a shop recommended by one of the French students. In patisseries, they’d always ask “C’est pour offrir?” which means “Is it meant as a gift?”. If you say “yes”, they’d pack it really prettily. However, if you know it’s supposed to go on board with you, it’s slightly futile. So whenever I said “non”, I imagined how the shop girl thought I was going to eat dozens of macarons by myself. XD

Yours truly

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