RSSA, Day 13 (7/13/2012)

1) I have a voice of a 13-year-old. Good points: might get a special prize for young scientists. Bad points: people’s ears will die from listening to me. (Video recording of the article presentations)
2) I you go to a Sephora store during lunch break, you’ll definitely be late.
3) French people will only tell you it’s not smart to wear a mini skirt on the last day of your stay.
4) When there’s rain in Angers, it’s a RAIN. You might have to swim to get to the other side of the square.
5) I love French pastries. Everyone else does as well. (Farewell dinner)
6) Saying good bye to your fellow country-woman can take 3 hours.
7) If you suspect your luggage might be too heavy, cut off the tags from the clothes you bought. Throwing away the shop bags helps too.
8) If your luggage is too heavy, wear a mini, high heels, smile and say “oui, s’il vous plait” and “merci beaucoup”.
9) Never ever try to eat the suspicious baguette served on board of a plane between Paris and Prague. It’s D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G!
10) The more people come to pick you up at the airport, the later you arrive.

Yours truly

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