RSSA, Day 10 (7/10/2012)

I’ve been really looking forward to this day after seeing the program. In the morning, we had a session on experimental surgery and it was super interesting. I really appreciated that the professors explained it in such a way that even I, a non-medical student understood clearly. It also made me want to be operated by the lecturers, if I ever had to undergo an operation. Or by one of my classmates. Anyway, Cerena, if you read this, you really need to apply next year. I’m sure you’d enjoy it a lot. This year, there were two girls from Australia, so I suppose you don’t have to be from Europe.
Anyway, these lectures were amazing, but unexpectedly. The thing because of which I was jumping like a happy bunny was the visit to Atlanpole Biotherapies near Nantes. It’s a biotech cluster and I think I just found another one of my dream jobs. It would be insanely cool to be able to work for an organization like this. After a short “I’ll explain what we do and how we work” presentation, we went to see the labs and then the bus took us to Nantes center. 

I admit I had no idea if there were any monuments we could have still visited despite the late hour, but we had very little time anyway. So as we roamed the streets, B. and me spotted a really small bookshop and we spent a looong time inside. It was really cool, but it looked pretty horrible - just white walls and books piled up in several rows on each shelf. But they had many books that were really cheap - all the classics were for like 1 - 3 E and I found several comic books for a fragment of the price they sell them for at Fnac. It’s the first two volumes of xxxHolic (who loves Clamp?) and the first volume of Tarot CafĂ© (manhwa I’ve wanted to read for ages).

I took pictures of random pretty buildings and had no idea what they are.

I dragged B. to a local Lush shop and got two things I haven’t even seen in the Prague one - a cleanser and a body mask. I also got the tooth paste tabs, because they cost 3 E. They’re about 6 E or more here. >.> Then again, in Nantes you obviously don’t get any freebies with your purchase, however B. said she sometimes wouldn’t get anything even here in Prague (which is weird, because I always got something even if I just bought one small thing). Our purchases could be smelled across the street, it was pretty fragrant.


We met up with the other girls and went to a restaurant where we got some local delicacies. It was specialized in potatoes, so I got potato and tons of cheese. It was really good, but there was way too much food. I took pictures of the decoration and also of the toilets, because I’ve never seen a toilet-gallery before.

Off topic: It’s soooo much easier to only write the posts in one language! I gotta enjoy it for the few more days before I have to go back to bi-lingual posts again…

Yours truly

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