RSSA, Day 9 (7/9/2012)

And off to school again. Somehow the bus we usually take took quite long to get to the city center, so we missed our tram and ended up coming 20 minutes late (which was very embarrassing, since there were about 20 of us). We had quite an interesting lecture about oxygen as a poison and in the afternoon went to visit an institute here in Angers called IRIS.
Oh, I forgot to fill you in on our lunch. I chose some sausages again (yes, I miss pickles so much I eat sausages just to get one tiny one for lunch), a dry chicken and pasta with a tomato sauce and an apple tart. K. asked me if I was on a yellow diet since all of the food I had was yellow, but before you start to turn green, that was after I already ate the sausages. If they were yellow, I don’t think I’d have wolfed them down the way I did… 

The visit to IRIS was cool, I switched my place with K. so that I could go to the genetics workshop and he could go to the immunology one. We visited the labs, saw the equipment they use (since they analyze a lot of samples, they have some machines we don’t have in my lab), listened to a short lecture and had an interesting discussion about ethics in genome sequencing. In the evening, I proceeded to buy out the local H&M store (but seriously, how awesome are the things I found there?) - the coat was 15 E, the skirts 15 and 10 E, the scarf 5 E, the cardigan 7 E and the jacket was 15 E. Then I got a small box of 7 macarons in a nearby patisserie and since they were really good, I think I’ll be coming back for a bigger box to bring back home. 


Then I finally decided to go to a shoe shop I’d wanted to go to ever since I found it’s webpage back home. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the shoes I originally came there for and the second pair I wanted to get was kinda weird, the straps were all wrinkly and looked pretty ugly when on my feet. So I only got a pair of ultra-cute black ballet flats I really needed to buy. On my way, the sole of my current shoe broke and it actually chafed my foot so it started bleeding. So right after buying the shoes (and a cute rose-shaped keychain) I changed into them and threw the broken ones away. 

I hurried to the Carrefour supermarket to get some food and then missed a buy and went with the next one. It somehow didn’t stop at the station I was supposed to get off at so I ended up being taken someplace crazy and unable to follow my way back. I spotted a young mother with her daughter and asked her for directions and believe it or not, she was so nice that she took me to the students’ dorms in her car. So I at least gave the keychain I got to her daughter, because she totally saved my life. Since coming back, I’ve been writing this diary, watching Ullzang shidae and liquidating macarons. Yum! ^____^

Yours truly

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