RSSA, Day 8 (7/8/2012)

The Atlantic Sea coast day!

After the secret thing on Sat, it was pretty difficult to wake up early enough to catch the only bus that would take us to the train station on time. And actually somehow half of us didn’t get inside the bus, so they had to take a taxi. I bought two magazines and some postcards at the train station and I’m happy I did, because the ride on the train took forever. We were seriously going crazy form boredom. We alternated reading, chatting, sleeping and doing crazy stuff. K. was the worst, he constantly either flipped the pages of my magazine, borrowed it or threw little paper balls at sleeping T. When we finally arrived to Le Croisic, we couldn’t believe our eyes. It was really sunny! That was the first sunny day in Angers since we arrived. 


We went first to the beach and some courageous people either changed into bikini to sunbathe or even to bathe (though both boys only went in till the water reached their mid-thighs). I pretended to be a paparazzi and kept taking pics of my half-naked classmates. For ethical reasons, I’m not gonna publish them. And someone might punch me if I did and they found out. 

Then we lazily dragged ourselves to a restaurant with a view on the sea (unless you had your backs towards it, like I did) and got some local delicacies. Since the waiter spilled sprite all over my left side, I got my wine for free. I ordered mussels prepared according to the restaurant’s unique recipe and they were absolutely delicious. It was my first time ever eating them, so K. taught me how to eat them (first find an empty shell and then use it as a pair of pliers to take out the meat of the other ones and put it in your mouth). Then we split up and me and K2. went to a small jewellery shop, where she got a necklace and I bought a pair of cute clip-on earrings. Later, I got mint and gimauve ice cream (K.: “I suppose they didn’t have any more chemical flavors, did they?”) and we sat in the harbor and enjoyed our day off. Just before going back home, we returned to the restaurant and ordered a plate with various sea creatures and a plate of oysters. It was my first time eating oysters as well and I haven’t quite mastered the art of eating them yet, the mussels were a lot easier. But they were really tasty! I didn’t really like the sea snails though, they were kinda tough to chew and had a bit funny taste. The journey back didn’t seem as long as the first one, but it taught me one important thing. Never ever sleep in public. A classmate of ours did and ended up being recorded. I’d rather die then have people watch me in such a video. But it was really funny, I still have to laugh when I remember it. And it’s not like we’ll put it on youtube.     

Yours truly

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