RSSA, Day 7 (7/7/2012)

7/7. This is a seriously suspicious date that makes you expect something really strange happening. Like an apocalypse. Well, it certainly was very close. We got up around noon (remember, we haven’t slept much for the whole week and the Paris trip didn’t help us to catch up on our sleep and ease the deprivation). The weather didn’t look that bad. We got used to Angers weather being very London-like, always cloudy and moderately raining. As soon as we set our feet outside of the student residence, there magically appeared a Niagara twin right above us. In about 10 seconds, we were completely drenched. There was enough water in my shoes for getting several fish there and maybe even a smaller boat. When a car was driving by, it raised a tsunami. But we refused to give up and made it to the bus station and then to the city center. We gave up on sightseeing though, because the rain made the seeing part a bit difficult. But just a little rain wouldn’t really be enough to call it an apocalypse.

The other part was that buses in Angers behaved even more strangely than usual. For example they didn’t go to the centre as usual, but stopped only at the train station. When we (excuse my vocabulary, but I really have to use it now), really pissed off, reached the center, we found out it was because of markets in the streets. If you’re imagining some cool traditional markets, you couldn’t be further away from truth. It was mainly cheap, ugly shoes or stuff on sale that the shop assistants decided to display on the streets. I got two knitting magazines for my mum (and after about 20 repeats managed to convey a simple sentence “My mum will like them, she made the sweater I’m wearing” to the shop assistant, who was extremely sweet). Then I found an ultra cute store where I got post-it notes on sale and three cute marmalades (just how lovely is the packaging?) and didn’t have the guts to ask if I could take a picture of the shop’s interior. If you ever go to Angers, you should check it out.

Since we needed a short pause, we stopped by an English café (I’ll tell you straight away - we managed to avoid French cafés for pretty much the whole 2 weeks). I ordered a small teapot of “Douceur Angevine” and scones with marmalade and mascarpone, it was really delicious.

(Here are the mags I got, and some disgusting Monoprix sushi I had for dinner.)

Then I managed to finally get a souvenir for my boyfriend, did some shopping in the supermarket and returned back home, since there was something pretty cool going to happen later, but that’s a secret. ^.-

 Yours truly

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