RSSA, Day 6 (7/6/2012)


Seriously, getting up at 4:45 in the morning after you’ve been really active for the past couple of days is really tough. But we all managed to do it and at 5:45, we were, well-ordered, waiting in the reception hall for the bus. Obviously the bus driver had some issues with getting up this early, so he came 45 minutes late. It didn’t make me as angry as the fact no one even yelled at him. Moreover, it was forbidden to eat in the bus (which the most ridiculous demand ever, because it even had those little foldable tables and trash bins). Anyway, we managed to get to the Neurospin institute just a tiny bit late.

The Neurospin institute is seriously like the most awesome institute I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately I signed a contract that I won’t share in information we were given there, but I recommend you to check their website and read what they decided to tell to the public there. It was really amazing, the building is new and has a very interesting architecture. The lady who showed us around had perfect English and a very refreshing and humorous way of talking; it was great listening to her. I was really happy I ended up in her group for the tour around the institute. 
Afterwards, we went to Paris’ centre. We got disgusting baguettes with a twist, they were pretending to be surimi baguettes. With arugula. They probably knew why they added two packs of mayo. We were supposed to go on a cruise on Seine afterwards, but somehow we missed our ship and we’d had to wait half an hour for the next one, so we just decided with several people to skip it. It started raining like crazy as well. I heard later that the cruise was really nice, but we didn’t want to loose so much precious time.


Our little group went to Starbucks (>_______<). I seriously hate that place. At least it was a lot cheaper than in Prague. There we spent an hour making a strategy plan for seeing as many shops as possible in 5 hours. In the end we met with our French friend at Place Vandome, looking at the windows of the high-end brands like Dior. Then S. and me decided it was slightly out of our possibilities and went to the Rue de Rivoli, where are all the annpying souvenir shops and further away from the square, also shops like Desigual, Zara, H&M etc. I got a beautiful jacket I’ve been eyeing since seeing it in Angers (it cost me only 40 E - even though the tag said 50). I saw zillions of beautiful skirts for 20 E there as well, but the yonly had one in XS, so I got it. Then I managed to get a hot pink lace dress for 15 E, hot pink tights and nude belt for 3 E at H&M. I saw a beautiful skirt and a top that looked like from the Louis Vuitton S/S show, but the skirt was size 34 and the top 36, so the skirt looked like it was gonna tear any minute and the top was insanely huge. Sigh.


Then we split up, I went back alone and got to Champs Elysees. The preparations for Bastille Day were in the middle, so the whole pavement was covered in seats and you actually had to walk on the curb. Which was pretty adventurous. At Champs Elysees, I only went to Promod (nothing interesting there), another H&M store (I got a T-shirt for 5 E) and to Sephora. It was really huge, maybe the biggest store in Paris, and it was insanely crowded. So I was even happier when I snatched away the last discounted Urban Decay mascara they had. And I was charged only about 6 E instead of 10 for a Chinese cosmetic kit.

Then it was about time for me to start going back to Place de la Concorde, where we were supposed to meet up. When I was crossing the street, a guy was standing on the other side (obviously trying to go to the side where I s tood), but when I went past him, he actually turned around (watching me really intensely all the time) and then he started following me! Thank god he stopped after like 50 min. I wanted to get some macarons at Laduree, because I haven’t eaten any yet… But it was already closed! T____T So I only got some not very good crepes at the square before going home.  

Yours truly


  1. Hi Vita! just wanted to chime in to add that I love what you are wearing, especially with the blazer! The trip looks wonderful, but sorry you had to eat disgusting baguettes! A baguette really should never taste bad.

    1. Thank you! I'm happy you like it. We actualy started getting better baguettes after the French students begged for it in our place :)

  2. Hey! I love your stories. It's a bit funny to read about all the squares in Paris, because it was a part of my history of urban planning and I could draw the plans of every one of these but I never really saw the pictures! I hope you'll tell some more stories, maybe about Prague too, I love your style of writing. And what a lovely blazer!

    1. Oh, really? That must have been pretty tough! And thank you, after the Paris series, I'll write a bit about Croatia and I'm supposed to go to Český Krumlov with my ex. :)