RSSA, Day 4 (7/4/2012)

1. Within 3 nights, one can get used to sleeping without a pillow.
2. My room is not that bad, it has a bad, a shower with warm water and no one comes to kidnap me even if I forget to lock the door for the night.
3. I’m still kinda sleepy.

Today’s topics were a lot more easier to understand for me and very interesting. In the morning, we had a more or less general lecture about cancer treatment and then one about NF-kappaB (my old mate from the molecular biology exam I took in Feb).
I bet you can’t wait for learning what we ate the third day for lunch, right? Well, we ate really late, because the profs enjoyed educating us so much that we finished more than half an hour later (3,5 hours of lectures in a row = very dizzy Vita). Anyway, I got a paté with wannabe-arugula and a small pickle (the miniature pickle was the reason why I took it), pasta with some sauce and vegetables and cheese. I was the last one to arrive to our table, so I wanted to start some decent conversation.
Me: “Hi! So, how does it taste?”
5 pairs of disappointed eyes: “It doesn’t taste.”
I swear that the picture of this dish could be in the dictionary as an explanation for the word “tasteless”.  
In the afternoon, I was in the lucky group. That means: our genetics workshop started as the first. Since the following program was article analysis, it basically meant a free afternoon. The genetic workshop was interesting, Of course I know all the theory about pyrosequencing, but this was the first time I saw the machine and was able to see it work (and the graph it produced). It was pretty cool. 

Skirt: River Island (second hand)
Cutsew: H&M
Bag: from my granny
Necklace: inherited
Bracelets: Terranova, Bijou Brigitte
Earrings: I Am (gift)

So I went to the city and did some shopping, as you can see. I found a Korean BB cream in the local Sephora! Can’t wait to try it! The eye shadow and lipstick were 5 E each and the set of highlighters just 9, the soaps weren’t even 4 E. I even found a fabric store that had scraps of fabrics for a lower price!

I also went to the Japanese shop, but I didn’t buy anything. They had an extensive collection of manga, but I didn’t want to buy any series, and I couldn’t find any one shots. Because of this experience, I also decided not to go to the Japan Expo in Paris during the weekend.  

I came up with a genius idea for breakfasts. I got some waffles, strawberries (they were delicious) and caramel sauce. The result was pretty yummy. ^___^

Yours truly


  1. Hi Vita! I have been reading all about your trip and I am glad you are starting to sleep better! It is super important to sleep well! I was actually hoping for some awesome feedback of the manga store, I love manga stores and I wish you had find something you liked! Oh well, you will definitively find it in the Japanese expo, I am sure of it! I love the new fabrics and accessories I can't wait to see what are you going to do with them!

    Have a nice time! (: Oh and I hope the food will get better eventually!

  2. Hello and thank you! Unfortunately, the food is still pretty horrible... I ended up not going to the Japan expo, but I got some cool books in a small shop in Nantes anyway. :)

  3. I hope there will be better food later on. Good food is one of the most important things for me during my travels and I think I associate tastes and scents with places a lot. So I hope France will be able to improve:) you look gorgeous as always and I can see your fashion plans are getting completed very well! that's a great haul too - are BB creams good for dry skin? My skin is too dry to comfortably wear a foundation and I associate BB creams with a greasy texture, is it true?

    1. Well, France is OK, just the university restaurant is creepy... Like in any country, I guess... XD
      Thank you :)
      I think BB creams are good for dry skin, my skin is very dry (especially nose and cheeks) and BB creams work quite well for me. They're not exactly greasy, but they usually contain a lot of moisturizing agents. I suggest you try ordering several sample-sized ones to see if they work for you and which type (and brand) does. I'd stay away from stuff like Garnier or so, the Korean ones are a lot better.

  4. wow! your outfit looks very nice and you are very sweet :))
    find your blog very good and interesting <3